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People Being Awesome: Station 88 Firefighters Pay it Forward

by ECT

The following “People Being Awesome” story comes from Jacquie Biskner-Christiansen who observed Contra Costa County Fire Protection District firefighters from Station 88 out of Antioch.

Here is what she observed on Friday and wanted to pass along:


File photo of Station 88

I got to witness the best thing today! I grew up in Antioch I’ve seen it change and was proud to say this is where I’m from. This I just had to share. I took my mom to Togo’s for our weekly lunch date where I noticed a fire truck and a group of firefighters sitting outside enjoying their lunch as well.

I went in to order and came outside to sit down where I noticed the firefighters were getting ready to go, checking their truck when someone, a man looking disheveled and dirty, I’m not one to judge if he was homeless or not but looked to be on tough times.

I came up to the guys and started conversation. The firefighters called the gentleman by name and asked how’s he’s been doing. They had a conversation and then I witnessed the best thing.

The firefighter asked the guy if he’d had anything to eat today and the guy tried to change the subject, you could tell he was embarrassed, but the firefighter asked again.

The guy replied with the day is still young… The firefighter then reached into his wallet and pulled out money and give it to the gentleman. Then told him to grab something hearty! Then the other firefighter grabbed his wallet and handed the guy money and said for when your hungry later.

My mom and I  got the biggest smiles on our faces!! And we even paid it forward by paying for the people behind us in the Starbucks line a little later.

All in all Engine 88, thanks for showing me and my mom that good folks are all around us… And be expecting a cookie delivery real soon!

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Thankful Sep 5, 2015 - 9:07 am

My daughter was diagnosed with brain cancer 5 years ago…. Has been in remission thank God after everything she has been through… Engine 88 heard our story and showed up approximately 5 years ago with a huge pan of firehouse made lasagna. What a great group of firefighters! Will never forget that simple act of kindness.

Helen Sep 5, 2015 - 4:31 pm

Wow!! What great stories. Have always admired our firemen and police officers. Were always there for me. My daughter also loved them all. Use to live next to a FIRE STATION. They were always there to help my daughter with her bicycle. Also, they helped me save some kittens that was stuck on top of the building. Have the greatest admiration for both, POLICEMEN AND FIREMEN.

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