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Letter: Pittsburg City Council Candidate Lays Out Agenda

by ECT

The following Letter to the Editor was submitted by Pittsburg City Council Candidate Frank Aiello who lays out his agenda for the City of Pittsburg


My vision for a better Pittsburg and a call to Action.

The country is divided and we need to start unifying. I would immediately involve the youth as their future is at stake here, The Pittsburg Youth Advisory Council appointed by the council thru an application process and their meetings staffed and given resources to be productive to include joint quarterly meetings with the council to discuss ideas and strategies to move forward.

Quarterly community meetings in the community by the council to make us easily accessible for all Citizens, meetings to focus on city needs and the needs of their specific areas of the city. Appoint a special panel of Pittsburg Citizens to address racism in the city and potentially nationwide to come up with an actionable plan to eradicate racism in our community.

In the end we are all gods God’s children.

Public Health and Safety.
There have been many calls to defund the police department. I do not believe that is the answer, although I do believe we need more funding in the areas of Mental Health and Education.

I also believe we need certain classes brought back into the system. Not everyone goes to college we need Unions to partner with schools to train students who would like to learn a trade, in addition we need home economics brought back and made a requirement for graduation as well as retooling history classes to tell the truth about the past so that it is not repeated. More training in the areas of mental health are needed and should be provided at the academy. Alternative ways to handle Mental health which is an illness can be used, I don’t know the answer, but what about tranquilizer guns to help subdue patients. This would be non lethal and would then allow for transport to a hosiptal for evaluation by a mental health expert.

Keller Canyon.
I have fought Keller Canyon since 1987 before it was voted in by Contra Costa Residents. I sat on the Keller Canyon Local Advisory Committee until it was dissolved. My family sued Keller Canyon in 1989 Aiello vs. BFI. We lost, but the community still received payouts, my family refused the money, because was about Environmental Protection. Today 2020, it’s still about Environmental protection.

So this promise I will make. Air Monitors will be installed to protect the health and welfare of our community. Not doing so is not doing your job as an elected official. I will fight to prevent EXPANSION when they cant keep their house in order as is.

I will propose a new state of the art City Park on the golf course land to include Water Slides, Ballfields, and Bbq areas. I will also propose a feasibility study to bring Field of Dreams to Pittsburg. Where State of the Art ballparks and indoor facilities would be built.

Economic Development
This is another area where partnership is essential to success. We have a strong Chamber that needs to be part of the solution.

I would propose the following to help the downtown A. The city build a 4 story parking structure that would allow all employees of the downtown to park. It would free up parking in the downtown for customers. In addition the California theater can play a pivotal role in the success of the downtown, but it cannot do anything closed. Supervisor Glover’s waterfront vision needs to be aggressively pushed to include our waterfront area, we have jobs that are not being created with waterfront locations, The city 20 years ago had a partnership with the port of Oakland, I believe we need to look into trying to get that partnership back together.

And finally the Century plaza vacant land. I would propose we talk to the developer about this land because it is ideal for a Thunder Valley like entertainment venue that would revitalize the Century Plaza area, create jobs, give the city long term sales tax dollars, and most importantly make Pittsburg a destination point where people would come to spend their money in our community.

Experience: Sat on Governor Gray Davis Environmental Justice Panel in 2002 and spoke in San Francisco and at USC. I proposed an idea 20 years ago if implemented would have already seen results. That idea is the elimination of the sale of air credits. Air credits allow companies to build in socioeconomic depressed areas. Eliminating them levels the playing field and more importantly  CLEANS OUR AIR. I  stand against any hillside development to include Faria and Highlands Ranch. Any type of exploratory drilling currently being looked at east of us I am against. Not needed in East County. I am also for and will ask for an ordinance in Pittsburg to require Solar on all new development,  this will help over time to deliver a clean environment for the future.

Its important that we focus on bringing living wage jobs to Pittsburg as well. Every job brought here is less traffic, but more importantly improves the quality of life for families in Pittsburg.

There are business opportunities for us here, but we need to partner with our Unions, and Building Trades to have well paying jobs that infill our city. We need to build partnerships with responsible companies that understand this very important component.

I am open to discuss all of the above as it is a vision and for more information, visit www.voteaiello.org.

Frank Aiello
Pittsburg City Council Candidate

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Teresa Aug 15, 2020 - 10:48 am

If the golf course gets converted to a park, I propose you add PICKLEBALL COURTS. They take up 1/4th the space of a tennis court. Concord converted 4 tennis courts at Willow Pass Community Park into 14 Pickleball Courts that are busy most mornings and have waiting lines on Saturdays. There is a pent up demand for pickle ball courts in this area. We drive from Pittsburg to Concord in order to get our exercise at the pickleball courts. All age groups play this sport, from Teenagers to 80 yr olds.

Teresa Aug 15, 2020 - 11:37 am

We DO NOT need a Thunder Valley CASINO on the Century Plaza vacant land!!! Which land, I believe, is owned by the Seeno’s who have been trying for years to build a casino in Pittsburg. And yet the citizens keep saying “No”!

Casinos bring in an undesirable element of the population. A lot of people are nice, but then some aren’t and those that aren’t cause problems. People have or develop gambling addictions, they spend money at casinos that should’ve been spent to pay bills. Seniors blow their Social Security checks at casinos—which my Mom witnessed at a small town Oregon casino that she’d visit on weekends for their lunch buffet.

Will the casino function 24/7? What comes with gambling & alcohol? prostitution? Drugs? DUI’s? Increased Family/Stranger Violence?

Why make gambling so handy when the downside is so detrimental to its citizens. And what would be the financial impact to the police department to provide Enforcement.

Let’s protect our City and its Citizens by NOT bringing a casino into Pittsburg!!

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