Letter: Antioch Resident Urges Support for Measure W


The following letter was submitted by Antioch resident and business owner Tim McCall

Being a business owner, homeowner, husband, father and grandfather, I’ve learned the great advantage of investing in a future. It’s hard and takes sacrifice but, the end result is worth going all in. November offers a chance to invest in something worthwhile, improve our quality of life and that of those who follow.

Today, Antioch offers great opportunities. Antioch is rising with new businesses, lower crime, blight reduction and landscape renovation. Real estate prices are a Bay Area bargain. A new and energetic City Manager, Police Chief and Mayor are working hard to make quality changes.  Antioch needs the work and investment of those who live and play here.

Moving beyond the current sales tax measure, which has shown positive results, and ushering in measure W, we will continue improving our city. Measure W adds 1/2 cent local tax to what we are investing today, enabling continuation and increased funding to the police department but, also does much more.

Measure W offers opportunity to a better quality of life. By increasing funding for reestablishing youth programs, water quality, maintaining 911 services and code enforcement, we can be a part of the solution.

If you spend $500 a week in taxable purchases in the City of Antioch, Measure W increased cost to you would only be $2.50 a week! Some lose more in their couch while watching TV. This small amount will generate $7 million to improve our city.

I’m hoping residents agree this small investment will make a very big difference.

A cities health depends on four factors: image; real estate market; physical condition; and management of quality-of-life issues. Measure W offers the opportunity to improve each of these factors.

Please join me and vote Yes on W.

Tim McCall
A 32 year proud Resident, Small Business Owner, and Commissioner.


  1. To the writer of this letter: What kind of ‘quality’ changes are the new mayor, city manager and police chief making? GOOD quality or POOR quality? Just saying “quality” alone makes no sense. The word “quality” means “what kind.” Crime is rising, many neighborhoods are blighted, some business areas look like skid row.

    More money could be raised if the police write more tickets and the increase of penalties rises. On a daily basis, I’ve seen so many infraction made by drivers alone, that just one day’s monetary penalties could pay for an officer’s annual salary very nicely.

  2. Could not disagree more! You could give them a 10 cent increase in the sales tax and it would not be enough. They’ll never have enough. We’ve heard the same argument for many many years. STOP trying so hard to turn us into a metropolis so that we require more and more services!! Every piece of vacant land doesn’t need to be paved over or built on.

    • Sorry you’re not recognizing the truth that we’re already a metropolis. We’re now the 2nd largest town in the county (by population) and we’re closing in on Concord. Without including the naval weapons station, we could pass Concord in 10-20 years. The problem is you still think this town is <80k. Time to start paying big city prices.

  3. Incognito. Crime is way down not up as you state. The new police chief has implemented new policies that have cut overtime and officers are now out giving tickets again. The mayor has brought in many new businesses including Best Buy which is huge for Antioch. He has appointed new commissioners and created new committees that are working hard to bring jobs and education to Antioch residents. He is working tirelessly to improve a city who’s finances are considerably less than what is needed to run a city. The city manager has streamlined operations and city staff production is at an all time high. Antioch has considerably less employees than other cities our size and is improving. The question could be, what have you done for your city? Next time please check the facts before you make a statement trying to make another person look bad. I appreciate it.

  4. Tim crime is not way down, people don’t report all crimes because they know it’s a waste of time and only adds insult to injury.
    As economic commissioner I don’t think you should come here to”brow beat” residents for voicing their frustration with decline of affairs in the city of Antioch, that is low class.
    I’m sure it’s tough for Antioch to work with in the confines of a budget but that doesn’t mean the city is broke. Recession ended in 2009 almost 10 years ago and Antioch is still crying poor. Neighboring cities such as Brentwood and Concord have a better quality of life and higher property values. Concord has a similar population size and Brentwood is smaller compared to Antioch. Those cities choose not to be a dumping ground for the bay area, not saying they don’t have problems of their own, but they don’t welcome everything with open arms.
    Any citizen of Antioch who works, pays taxes, keeps their property kept up is doing their part. Clean up the blight and property values will go up as will the rents. Businesses will also want to invest in Antioch. We will attract better people who “want” to live in Antioch not just camp here until something opens up in Oakland.

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