Letter: Antioch Resident Supports Measure W


The following Letter to the Editor was submitted by Antioch resident Dwayne Eubanks

Antioch has a rendezvous with destiny. Our best days can be ahead. Look around town, people are landscaping their yards and starting new businesses, a true sign the community is improving.

I love Antioch.  I’m staying and seeing that we make this a better place for our children and grandchildren.

I support Measure “W”, the one cent sales tax measure on the November 6th ballot.

Measure W provides funds to address Antioch’s most pressing needs; 1) Safety and security – Police services are improving; we need that to continue; 2) Fighting blight- illegal dumping is rampant in Antioch. It hurts our civic pride and our economy. We need funds to clean it up and we need to encourage more suitable behavior; lastly, 3) Youth diversion – Antioch has a high percentage of youth and teens, Antioch need funds to create positive after school and summer activities to help our youths become fine contributing citizenry.

Please vote for Measure W on November 6th.

Dwayne Eubanks
Antioch resident


  1. If you believe taxing yourself into oblivion is a successful strategy, keep drinking the Democratic koolaid!!!

    Antioch has been taxing and taxing it’s residents for over 15 years to improve the quality of life and it is still the most dangerous city in east county!!

    Have you ever asked yourself why cities like Brentwood, Discovery Bay, Oakley, and even Pittsburg have thrived and Antioch remains the “toilet” of East Contra Costa County? It’s because it’s the most poorly managed city in the Delta region. You people keep electing and re-electing individuals who believe throwing more and more taxpayer money at a problem is the one and only solution and that liberal way of thinking has and continues to fail over and over.

    Your problem is you have LAZY citizens who whine and complain but don’t have the courage or will to organize and fight for the safety of your neighbors, neighborhoods, and the community at large. You complain to City Council but you don’t hold their feet to the fire 🔥 when they fail to listen to and address your concerns. You let them off the hook time and time again by giving in to their begging for more taxpayer money and what do you get in return? Nothing but excuses and broken promises. It’s called being a SUCKER!!!!

    The quarterly Quality of Life forums years ago forced the Council to report back to the residents what actions were being taken to address community concerns and when promises weren’t being kept we gave them HELL for it!!!!

    I did my part, now it’s your turn. If you want Antioch to improve get off your butts, stop hiding anonymously behind your keyboards and personally let your elected officials know that they are responsible for the destruction of your city. Or if you prefer to keep complaining and depending on someone else to get involved and do the work that ALL of you should be doing together, enjoy being the toilet paper of Antioch politicians because you have earned it!

  2. Totally agree. Get off your ass and start helping your community with physical contributions, not lip service!

  3. Many of my friends and I have been writing emails and snail mail to the City Council members and only few have responded. This city will not turn around UNTIL it gets rid of the criminal element which has somehow made this place their home. This is not how it used to be. Antioch was a really nice city with hardly any crime UNTIL something happened which attracted the low-lives here. Then it started falling apart.

    We can vote in more and more Measure “W’s” until hell freezes over! Nothing will happen. Laws much be changed to reflect the direction in which we want to go. The way things are now, it is totally stagnant. We need to elect people who can “STRAP ON A PAIR” and go for it.

    Yes, some people are fixing up their properties, but those are minuscule. Drive from neighborhood to neighborhood and you will see garbage, weeds, houses with their pain peeling, feeble attempts at some “cosmetic” improvement. Just drive down Second Street and see how much work is being done to “beautify” that area.

    The City should go after property owners of apartment buildings and demand they do some upkeep. Trash cans should NOT be visible from the streets! They are not architecturally attractive! They make the place look BLIGHTED! This is affecting the value of our properties!

  4. I’d like to see CODE ENFORCEMENT be more proactive! They should select one neighborhood per week and drive through it taking down addresses where there properties are deteriorating. Lots of houses with paint peeling. Anything dangerous visible from the street should be addressed. I see dead trees in people’s back yards tall enough to be visible from the roads.

    If CODE ENFORCEMENT is understaffed, then maybe they could round up some volunteers who could do this. Code Enforcement must crack down on these eyesores.

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