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Letter: Antioch City Council Candidate Introduces Himself to the Community

by ECT

The following Letter was submitted by Antioch City Council Candidate in District 3, Antwon Webster. He is running in the same District as councilmembers Lori Ogorchock and Lamar Thorpe.

To the Residents of Antioch,

I, Antwon Webster, am running for Antioch City Council, District 3.  Who is this guy, you may ask? Again, let me formally introduce myself, I am Antwon Webster, a Husband, Father, a Public Servant as I serve on the Antioch Board of Administrative Appeals, a U.S. Air Force Veteran, a caring homeowner and most of all a proud resident of Antioch.

As a servant leader, I am committed to putting the needs of others before my own.  Doing for others has been an everlasting joy for me.  Within me is a drive for positive change, unity and a forward thinking approach through educated and informed actions.  It is my life’s dream to uphold the voice of the people and to assure our voices are heard.

The City of Antioch has adopted the slogan “Opportunity Lives Here”.  My goal is to make that statement come true by truly highlighting the beauty of our city, support Economic Development within the city and unify the residents.  Antioch continues to lose big businesses like: K-Mart: Nov. 2018, Staples: Aug 2019, Sears: Oct. 2019, Macy’s: Jan. 2020, I strive to pursue bringing and maintaining big businesses like the aforementioned and support our small businesses throughout Antioch.

If elected for Antioch City Council, District 3, I plan to use my background in Business, Governmental Accounting, Non-Profit Organizations, Community Development, and an overall passion for people to lead by example. Leading a city is about the people and not politics and I plan to put people first not government politics.

My primary areas of focus are:

  • Public Safety
  • Economic Development
  • Financial Accountability

I plan to run a campaign built on honesty, professionalism, and integrity.  With that being said, I do not appreciate nor will I tolerate any further political threats or disrespect towards me and my family from any incumbent or candidate within my district.  The “People”, residents of Antioch, deserve better than that.  Elections are about getting into a position in order to do what is best for the needs of the City.  Let’s worry about our own campaigns and bridging the gaps within our community instead of building barriers and creating enemies.

One last thing…the youth of Antioch deserve better.  The City Council and School Board have broken relationship that lacks communication between them.  How can we as a city function as two separated entities that depend on each other, but fail to work together?  We can do better, we will do better because we are stronger Together.


Antwon Webster for Antioch City Council District 3, 2020
FPPC ID# 1422383
Website: https://antwonwebster.com

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/AntwonWebster/

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Jane dough Jul 29, 2020 - 4:54 pm

What was he referring to when he said he won’t accept threats from his incumbents. I tried to google but couldn’t find anything.

I think his introduction would have been better if he had left that part out. I truly forgot everything he had said once I saw that bit of gossip thrown In there.

Sylvia Golden Jul 31, 2020 - 1:13 am

We need someone with a history of successfully turning around a city the size of Antioch. Preferably, this person or persons should be someone OUTSIDE of Antioch.

Eleanor Jay Jul 31, 2020 - 11:57 pm

You have the right idea. I don’t think any Tom, Dick or Harry should be on the ballot just because they live in Antioch. We need someone who has a proven record of accomplishments. We have learned a lot from those who ran in the past, are doing nothing constructive and the little they did do compounded this City’s problems.

Ipa Aug 2, 2020 - 9:29 pm

Sorry to burst your bubble but Antioch is ruined forever. Better to accept it, move on and stop worrying about some magic fix that’ll never occur in our lifetimes. One must plan accordingly on your future of not being here anymore at some point.

Remember when Antioch was considered far away enough to move away from all that other East bay hot mess?? ?

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