Highway 4: During Police Pursuit, Vehicle Rolls Over Near Bailey Road


rollover highway 4

Around 3:20 pm, law enforcement were in pursuit of a vehicle that ended up in a rollover accident on Highway 4 near Bailey Road in Pittsburg. The accident was non-injury and no reason was provided over radio traffic why police were following this vehicle. Contra Costa County Fire Protection District and AMR were both called to the scene but were cancelled by CHP for non-injury accident.

According to one reader, three of four lanes are blocked for a short time while CHP never did issue an alert for this incident.

Photo provided by Larry N Jeana Spence


  1. One thing to put yourself in jeopardy, but to endanger potentially hundreds of others because you don’t want to get caught… If you were transporting somebody or trying to get to a family member in a hospital, you can call 911 and tell them you need a police escort. This was just not smart at all.

  2. CHP and the Sheriff were on scene.. there was also a truck with a construction sign on the door with front end damage. Not sure how this went down, but there was A lot of smiling officers standing around. They must have been pretty happy with their catch.

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