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Foulger, Newton, Mallet, Ponciano, Brown Win at Antioch Speedway

By Candice Martin

by ECT

Antioch, CA —  Troy Foulger won the 20 lap IMCA Modified Main Event Saturday night at Antioch Speedway. This was the second win of the season for five-time champions Foulger aboard the Bill Bowers owned entry.

Buddy Kniss raced into the early lead ahead of Bobby Motts Jr and Aaron Crowell. An inside pass gained Crowell second on Lap 5 with Foulger following into third. They ran that way until a high pass in Turn 2 on lap 13 put Foulger into second. Foulger went outside Kniss in Turn 4 on Lap 15 to take the lead. Foulger went on to victory from there, followed by Kniss, Crowell, point leader Nick DeCarlo and Kellen Chadwick

Shannon Newton continued to close in on the Wingless Spec Sprint point lead by winning his fourth 20 lap Main Event. Braidon Moniz started up front and took the early lead ahead of MacKenzie Newton. An inside pass on the backstretch on Lap 2 gained Rick Panfili second before a yellow flag waved for Steve Maionchi in Turn 1. Moniz continued to lead the restart as Shannon Newton moved into second. MacKenzie Newton gained third on Lap 7 as Panfil retired. A low move in Turn 4 on Lap 8 gained Shannon Newton the lead from Moniz. Newton would hold off the threats of Moniz the rest of the way for the win. Dylan Newberry made a Turn 2 to pass on Lap 19 to take third as MacKenzie Newton settled for fourth ahead of incoming point leader James East.

Jacob Mallet Jr won the 20 lap IMCA Sport Modified Main Event. This was his first win at Antioch this season as he continues to run third in the track standings. However. He continues to lead the IMCA State point race. After an early tangle eliminated Haley Gomez, Mallet took the early lead ahead of Nick Caughnan Jr. Fred Ryland moved into third by the seventh lap. After a Nick Zapatero spin brought out a Lap 13 yellow flag, Ryland trailed Mallet on the restart. Though Ryland closed the gap, Mallet went on the score the well-earned victory. Kenny Shrader ended up third ahead of Tyler Rogers and Andrew Pearce.

Aiden Ponciano won his first Hobby Stock Main Event. The race was cut to 12 laps due to time. Ponciano took the early lead ahead of Mitchell Dana. Point leader Misty Welborn gained second on Lap 5 as Dana headed to the infield. Following a yellow flag, Welborn took the lead, but she’s spun in Turn 4 for a Lap 7 yellow flag. Ponciano led Grayson Baca on the restart. Baca made a Turn 4 pass on Lap 8 to take the lead, but a yellow flag waved for Taylor DeCarlo on Lap 11. Ponciano led Kevin Brown and Jared Baugh on the restart, and a yellow flag was accompanied by the checkered flag on Lap 12. Jake Archibald and Lori Brown completed the Top 5.

Tom Brown won the 15 lap Mini Stock Main Event. Brown led from the outset ahead of Don Abitz. However, Dana Gardner gained second on a Lap 3 restart as Abitz spun. A Lap 11 yellow flag saw John Roberts veer into the path of Abitz as they crashed in Turn 3. Roberts had broken steering and retired at that point. Brown led the restart with Gardner in close pursuit. They finished that way Ricky Mandonca in third ahead of Abitz and David Carson.

Racing resumes next Saturday night with the IMCA Modifieds back in action along with the Pacific Coast General Engineering Hobby Stocks, IMCA Stock Cars, Wingless Spec Sprints and Delta Dwarf Cars.

For further information, go to www.antiochspeedway.com.


Unofficial Race Results Antioch Speedway

IMCA Modifieds

Heat winners (8 laps)-Kenneth Robles, Trevor Clymens. Main Event (20 laps)-Troy Foulger, Buddy Kniss, Aaron Crowell, Nick DeCarlo, Kellen Chadwick, Kenneth Robles, Trevor Clymens, Terry DeCarlo Jr, Gary Hetrick, Bobby Motts Jr.


Wingless Spec Sprints

Heat winners (8 laps)-Jimmy Christian, Shannon Newton. Main Event (20 laps)-Shannon Newton, Braidon Moniz, Dylan Newberry, MacKenzie Newton, James East, Roy Fisher, Steve Maionchi, Rick Panfili, Jimmy Christian.


IMCA Sport Modifieds

Heat Winners (8 laps)-Nick Caughman Jr, Ryan DeForest, Dylan Connelly. Main Event (20 laps)-Jacob Mallet Jr, Fred Ryland, Kenny Shrader, Tyler Rodgers, Andrew Pearce, Andrew Peckham, Nick Caughman Jr, KC Keller, Jacob Haas, Dylan Connelly.


Pacific Coast General Engineering Hobby Stocks

Heat Winners (8 laps)-Jeff Bentancourt, Jared Baugh, Aiden Ponciano, Tyler Graves. B Main (20 laps)-Michaela Taylor, Danny Aves, Colten Haney. Main Event (20 laps)-Aiden Ponciano, Kevin Brown, Jared Baugh, Lori Brown, Colten Haney, Danny Aves, Gavin Griffiths, Michaela Taylor, Misty Welborn, Taylor DeCarlo.


Mini Stocks

Heat Winner (6 laps)-Tom Brown,  Main Event (15 laps)-Tom Brown, Dana Gardner, Ricky Mandonca, Don Abitz, David Carson, Laina Bales, Tom Roberts.

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