Fire Damages Antioch’s Economy Inn


The Economy Inn on E. 18th Street in Antioch caught fire this afternoon at roughly 1:44 pm which destroyed one room and damaged another on the second floor as fire crews worked to limit the damage. They were on scene for roughly an hour and a half.

A quick response time by fire personnel was credited with saving the building.  The cause of the incident appears to be accidental and from a cigarette.


  1. They need to take this place down and the dump across the street! These two places are nothing but magnets for crime!

  2. Those motels on E 18th house the sex offenders and others paroled to Antioch. Check with Chief Cantando he will tell you. The buildings themselves do need to be torn down but you will never see this council improve any part of 18th Street

  3. The fire department responds to all building fires and does what they are trained to do, save lives and property. We are not there to decide who should have a place to live or not. The Contra Costa County firefighters work hard everyday to take care of all the citizens of the County without judgement.

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