Driver Crashes into Pittsburg Tool Repair Shop


At 11:59 am Wednesday, the Contra Costa County Fire Protection District responded to a report of a vehicle into a structure in the 400 block of E 10th Street in the City of Pittsburg.

Upon arrival, firefighters located a vehicle that had gone through a glass window at Bay Saw and Tool Repair.

Prior to crashing into the building, the vehicle struck another car on E. 10th Street. At least one person was transported by AMR to a local hospital. Pittsburg Police were on scene to shutdown the roadway during the incident.

No further details were provided.


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    • Dude relax…60? really? Did you have your license taken away and just a little bitter! Anyways the guy was just going for some Viagra. Needed help with his tool. LOL. Glad nobody was injured.

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