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Delta Tactical Training Group and Hook Line and Sinker Team up for Women’s Firearm Course

by ECT

On Sunday, Delta Tactical Training Group and Hook Line & Sinker are teaming up to bring firearms to a Woman’s Basic Handgun Course in an attempt to help students become more familiar with handguns.

Delta Tactical Training Group, who offers a basic firearm handgun course, includes four-hours of theory and gun safety in a classroom setting in Antioch followed by 2-hours on a local range.

IMG_2584“Beginning classes are basic introductory classes for civilians. They consist of 4-hours of class time and 2-hours of range time. During this class, shoot a total of 50 rounds,” said lead instructor Shawn Rajabi. “More important than actual trigger time, I want to first teach them how to safely handle a firearm, as well as the transportation requirements and liability associated with shooting someone whether it’s justified or not. It’s more lecture and then we touch on the fundamentals of shooting and etiquette on the range.”

According to Larry Treat, owner of Delta Tactical Training Group, with Sunday being the first time for some females to ever shoot a firearm, fundamentals will be taught, but as an added bonus, Hook Line & Sinker will be bringing the gun shop to the training.

Over the past year, Treat highlighted that students often ask about firearms and what is best for self-defense second guessing their own firearms. Treat thought there would be no better way than to invite Hook Line & Sinker to the training and showcase a variety of firearms and answer questions.

Treat highlighted that while he and his instructor could provide advice, many variables go into firearm purchases and not everyone is comfortable going into a gun store to ask questions due to knowledge levels noting its intimidating the first few times you walk into a gun store.

“What better way to help our students out as they become comfortable with firearms than to bring a gun store to them? It provides a service to our students and they get to build a greater comfort level around firearms,” said Treat.

Hook Line & Sinker in Oakley, CA offers a variety of firearms

Hook Line & Sinker in Oakley, CA offers a variety of firearms

Hook, Line & Sinker is bringing an assortment of handguns to the training to allow students to hold them, get a feel and see what they may like. They also will get information on the guns in a low sales pressure setting.

“We believe some women may be intimidated to go into a large gun store so we will be there to offer 1 on 1 time so the women can ask questions, hold the guns and decide which one would be the best one for them. This is a new feature we are trying out for the first time,” says Casi Continente. “Instead of them coming into the firearm store, the firearm store is coming to them for the first time.”

Treat highlighted he invited Hook Line & Sinker because of their firearm selection and customer support they offer to each customer.

“If you’re a gun enthusiast, they are an outstanding organization that has an awesome selection of various firearms,” said Treat. “What really impressed me above anything was their customer service and competitive pricing. They spend time with customers to make sure inexperienced shooters are comfortable and making the right choice when purchasing firearms and ammunition. When it comes to firearms, gun shops really need to have your best interests in mind.  I really can’t speak enough for Hook Line & Sinker’s professionalism and customer service.”

Upcoming 2016 Training Courses

  • Jan. 8 – BSIS Exposed Firearm Course
  • Jan. 9 – BSIS Exposed Firearm Course
  • Jan. 10 – Basic Civilian Handgun Course
  • Jan. 17 – Intermediate Civilian Handgun Course
  • Jan. 24 – Women’s Basic Handgun Course


For further information on Delta Tactical Training Group, contact (925) 775-4777 or instructor Shawn Rajabi at (925) 864-2237.You may also visit them on the web at www.deltatacticalgroup.net

For more information on Hook, Line & Sinker, contact them at (925) 625-2441 or visit them at 3100 Main St. #260. You may also visit them online at www.hookproshop.com or on Facebook.

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