Contra Costa Farms Cannabis Dispensary Opens in Antioch

Press Release


ANTIOCH, Calif. — Contra Costa Farms LLC (aka CoCo Farms) opened on December 24 at 8AM in Antioch, CA. CoCo Farms is one of Antioch’s First Recreational Cannabis Dispensaries to open since Prop 64 passed in 2016.

The licensed Cannabis facility is owned and operated by the same management team as its sister company Rio Vista Farms. Rio Vista Farms has become a pillar of the community, providing over 100 jobs to adults in the area.

The facility in Rio Vista has been able to support the community and the owners hope to continue that in in Antioch. Prior to December of 2019 there was not a licensed dispensary in the area. CoCo Farms hopes to set a standard for Cannabis businesses coming into the area by providing a safe and welcoming environment for consumers and the neighborhood.

Located in the heart of Contra Costa County, CoCo Farms is permitted to sell cannabis to anyone 21+ with a government-issued ID card. CoCo Farms will be open 7 days a week 8AM to 8PM. They will have a full menu of cannabis products including indoor, greenhouse, and sun grown Cannabis Flower, Concentrates, Vape Cartridges, Edibles, Tinctures, and more. Because Rio Vista Farms & CoCo Farms are owned by the same company, consumers will accrue loyalty points with purchases that can be redeemed at either location.

In addition to providing jobs, tax dollars, and quality cannabis products, CoCo Farms has developed a social equity program for children of Antioch residents who have been incarcerated. This philanthropic effort aims to provide resources to support these children’s needs, and which may not be provided by existing city, county and state services. Contra Costa Farms was approved by the Antioch City Council in early September of 2019. They were approved for their California State Cannabis Retail License in November of 2019 (C12-0000279-LIC).

The final project will include a large cultivation complex containing about 130,000 square feet of canopy, distribution, manufacturing as well as a retail storefront with delivery. The project is expected to be complete by the end of 2021. Contra Costa Farms LLC is located at 3400 Wilbur Ave, Antioch, CA.

You can find more information about CoCo Farms at their website


  1. Oh yes, this is a press release all right. “Pillar Of The Community”? Just what Antioch needs …”recreational cannabis dispensary.” That is liberal doublespeak for “pot store.”

    • I’d say it’s a pillar to the community as it employs more people and pays more taxes than a negative Nancy like you. This is the way it should’ve been for decades. The war on drugs was an absolute failure, and prohibition doesn’t work. It’s not a “doublespeak”, it’s a legitimate business.

    • “Pillars of the community?” Supporting the Rio Vista community? Now this pestilence wants to overtake Antioch. Like Antioch really needs more crazy people running around, crashing into trees and making the city look like a slum.

      • I’ll bet you have a beer once in awhile. Then go for a drive. It’s probably okay, because you do it in moderation and aren’t an idiot about it. The same thing can be said for the casual imbiber of cannabis. Face it, fools are everywhere you look. That slum you talk about is only in your mind

      • I’ve seen quite a few potheads so out-of-it that they wouldn’t care if our country got invaded by an enemy government. This is why George Soros has put so much money to make sure that “recreational” marijuana is allowed to be consumed. It’s part of his stated goal to destroy this country. He was kicked out of the country of his birth, so our country is up for grabs. When hundreds of thousands of your brain cells are destroy with a few tokes, you just don’t care!

        • George Soros??? That’s reaching new heights in nonsense. Now, go have your beer

        • We have been invaded by an enemy government. Happening right now as you focus on cannabis consumption.

      • A guy who mixed marijuana with alcohol killed 4 people on the freeway here. Do you remember that happening last year? He wiped out a whole family!

        • Elena, How is this even relevant… were talking about a store, not someone who chose to abuse alcohol and weed and get behind the wheel.

          • Where do you think he got that dope and smoked it with a hard-liquor chaser. He said he bought it at a dispensary. There are people who become psychotic after they smoke this shit.

        • And every day some person who just has a ” few” drinks goes out and kills someone on our roads. Try not to be absurd

  2. Not a bad idea at all. Marijuana negatively affects sperm production so that means fewer stoners will be born. Smoke more, ya freaks!

    • Dopers/Stoners probably don’t realize how much the STINK! That’s why I care a certain spray and I use it LIBERALLY on them if they so much as get within a few feet of me. No one invades my personal space with that stench!

      • Bottom line if you dont like it elect officials that will listen to you. Or dont spend your dollars at the business. No ones twisting any arms. It’s legal in Cali and the feds dont care so find something else to whine about. Your opinion like mine mean nothing but food for thought.

    • Angie,

      Your age is showing… DOPE is Meth… Weed is marijuana.. get it right. DOPE is not longer used as a term for weed, this was like… a 60s/70s thing… haha

      • Bull, thedude! I was born in 1995 and I know what term is used for marijuana today and it’s DOPE … always has been DOPE .. some people used the term WEED, but the weed is still DOPE! Get it?

      • What’s wrong with someone’s age showing? So, my age of 28 is showing? How quaint! Referring to marijuana smokers as DOPERS is very current. Pay attention!

  3. I love that moniker, “pillars of the community!” I guess going into the business of making people stupid makes one that!

  4. Pot is good and I don’t even smoke. Everybody gots choices. Alcohol is the devil and I drink. You stuck up snobby b****** need to relax. You should go in your daughters underwear drawer find a joint and when nobody’s home go in the backyard and fire it up and stfu. Till then f u and have a nice day 👍🏻

    • Dg: You can’t maintain a discussion using facts and logic, so you resort to immature insults and petty obscenity. Know who else does that? Donald Trump.

      • Donald Trump does it to the people who deserve it and thank God we have someone in the White House who doesn’t bullshit!

        • Trump will be reelected by a landslide! He’s the only president who is doing what he promised to do! He’s already amassed $47 million while the Dem opponents have amassed PEANUTS! Way to go, Mr. President!

  5. I guess the bus ticket between our new pot establishment and the methadone clinic fare might have to go up from increased usage. Antioch leadership, please do something to bring legitimate businesses to Antioch!

    • Mike G.

      The problem is, do you even see areas where legitimate businesses can be built? The problem is most of the East bay got it wrong when building their communities. There is a huge favor of residential area vs commercial. This is the problem with bringing legitimate jobs to the east bay… Look to the south bay for positive examples.

  6. My point is that we don’t call liquor stores “recreational alcohol dispensaries” and we don’t call cigarette stores “recreational tobacco dispensaries” – so why obfuscate when it comes to pot stores? Call it what it is and stop pretending that it’s some sort of quasi-pharmacy.

    • The reason it’s not more legitimized by this point is because of federal regulations prohibiting in-depth research. Do you even know why cannabis is illegal? Look up the Marihuana Tax Act of 1937. That’s where that “Reefer Madness” comes from and it’s sad how you guys in 2020 are still dealing with the same irrational and ignorant paranoia. It’s all based on yellow journalism racism saying Mexicans use it to rape white women from William Randolph Hearst’s newspaper outlet, and big industries like timber and synthetics not wanting hemp to cut into heir profit share. Not because it’s a dangerous substance. It’s been used as a medicine and textile for thousands of years. As a nurse, seeing patients come in after withdrawals from alcohol being so agitated, (can even die from it) you realize firsthand how much of a non-issue weed really is. Sure it’s not a miracle drug, but for many dealing with chronic issues, patients on palliative and hospice care it can really help many symptoms and brings about a better quality of life. Do some research rather than just portraying all users as “stoners”.

      • Hey nursie! Are you a stoner? Do your patients and employers know this? I’s obvious that your brain has been addled by too many tokes! Colorado and Washington state are now seeing marijuana-induced psychosis and more and more traffic crashes showing through blood work that the doper has a lot of it in his bloodstream.

        Those who support this pestilence thought there would be a GOLD RUSH on investments in marijuana. Well, they are quite disappointed. The federal government can still declare for this stuff to be illegal and the fed laws trump state laws. Are you aware how many people are contacting our DOJ asking them to do that? It would blow your mind!

        • Nursie? There’s ways to have a civil discussion without resorting to immature name-calling. It’s ironic how I mentioned the “Reefer Madness” of the 1930’s and you are a living breathing example of its outdated ignorance. I’ve read about cases you’re talking about, but if it was at epidemic level, public health agencies would be having more rapid interventions. Many cases involved someone with a comorbidity that can exacerbate symptoms and many underestimating the strength of marijuana. And again, these cases don’t even compare in severity with the pathology of alcohol. It’s the same reason why all substances have to be tested and regulated. I am not a cannabis user but have experienced it and realize it is not for me but I advocate for its use in safe ways because I have heard of its benefits firsthand and don’t think grown adults should be kept from it. It’s unfair and naive to paint a generalized picture when there’s people of every class and culture that use it without ever having adverse reactions. You’re virulence towards the topic hinders progression. As for the gold rush comment, I’m glad investors are disappointed because it’s hypocritical for them to profit off something than many Americans are in prison for in dealing with non-violent offenses.

          • Paula? Non “violent” offenses? A 16 year old girl was killed in West Sacramento Saturday while buying recreational marijuana from 3 teen-age boys. I think killing someone is indeed a violent offense, don’t you?

          • Yes! There are people from every class who use it, but they instantly fall into the lower class spectrum, just like those who get tattoos!

      • But Paula, we’re not talking about “medical” use here. We’re talking about “recreational” use – just plain getting stoned.

    • Met Bob Dylan at a restaurant in Malibu a few months ago! He looks awful! He never looked good in the first place. Said that he scared the kids in his grandchildren’s classroom when he visited on Show-and-Tell day.

  7. This really makes no sense! Legalizing every single vice is not a good thing! Only violence and chaos is what this brings!

  8. Where was all the complainers when this was going to the city meetings for input?


    • We were there in full force! The idiot City Council had already made up it’s mind. Now, they see that the sale of this crap has not been what they thought it would be. It’s still illegal on the federal level and the feds have the last word.

  9. I think its great!! Antioch is such a shit hole I think its the perfect spot! Add a few homeless shelters, methadone clinics, needle dispensary and any other shit attracters anyone can think of.
    Keep the shit in the shit pond!!
    Antioch has been destroyed by a lame city council and so called city manager. Section 8 dread headed ghetto dwellers that have been allowed to flourish. Add that to an ineffective police department that has had zero leadership for years,and Antioch has become well….. Antioch!!
    Put a fence around the zoo and call it good!!

  10. People in this thread have the same lame Reefer Madness of the 1930’s. No evidence. They’ve never read a journal article or peer-reviewed source. Just plain old bible holding fear. Fear of the unknown. Why did your god create this plant? Why did god put cannabinoid receptors in our brains? The anointing oil Jesus used was probably cannabis oil because it comes from the East.

    • I read all the peer reviews out there, Al and also how many people became psychotic thanks to smoking this stinky stuff. Now, some of the medication made from the plant does have potential healing properties, but not the stinky dope people smoke and they stink like skunks.

      God didn’t create any plane. Ever her of evolution? Ever hear of the GEOLOGIC TIMETABLE? You should do that to give you a better perspective of how various things evolved.

      You did not live in the times of Jesus and he may not even have existed, so you know nothing about that era.

  11. I get such a kick out of that “pillars of the community” phrase! these people are nothing bug drug dealers! Too funny!

  12. Vape cartidges? Oh yes! Let’s ruin people’s lungs while we’re selling them dope! These “pillars of the community” also have a program for children? Got to start them early, eh? The authorities should look into this!

  13. I’m a suburban mother and I have full Reefer Madness. My cousin once took 3 marijuanas and jumped off a 10 story building. Why can’t people just be normal like me and have a good time drinking a bottle of wine and take 1-2 xanax, or adderalls?

  14. You all would be embarrassed for yourselves if you had any self-awareness. This is one of the stupidest threads I’ve ever seen on this site, and that’s saying something, given that 75% of posts devolve into just racist gripes about who is taking over the city, etc., by people who failed 3rd grade English class.

    In case you’re wondering, the other 25% don’t have any comments left on them.

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