Community Café Series and Strategic Planning Could Cost Antioch Up to $47k



The City of Antioch is in the midst of a consultant contract that could run them as much as $47,000 in order to help the city prioritize its goals along with improving community participation and input.

In January, the City of Antioch reached out to the community in the form of Community Café to discuss the future of the city and give residents a chance to provide input. This was part of a larger strategic plan to help train staff and the city council on goal setting and prioritization on city issues.

The goal here was to help make them more effective leaders on community issues in trying to help meet the needs and desires of the public.

To date, the City of Antioch has spent $30,200 with Mountaintop Insight Consulting According to Michelle Fitzer, Human Resources/Economic Development Director City of Antioch. Fitzler did point out that the consultant contract includes services beyond the four Community Cafés which were held between January 23 through January 29.

She shared the Services completed so far include:

  • An organizational assessment/analysis (several days of meeting with the staff and Council; touring the City; attending a Council workshop; etc)
  • The multi-day governance training conducted with the Council in April 2013
  • An onsite multi-day planning session in preparation for the Cafés in July 2013
  • One Café for the City Board/Commission members in September 2013
  • Four (4) Community Cafes for the public (January 23, 25, 27 & 29).

In March 2013, the City of Antioch and Mountaintop Insight Consulting agreed to non-to-exceed sum of $44,000 contract. There was an amendment to the agreement in November 2013 to add an additional $3,000 which brought the total sum not to exceed $47,000 total–according to the contract documents.

Antioch Community Cafe Costs


  1. What a waste of spending. Thank you for sharing the breakdown which highlights how incompetent our city is. $12,000 in travel?????????? The Bay Area has to have thousands to choose from so I question why they needed to pay someone travel and at that outrageous amount. Also, has the council or city ever heard of a webinar for training?

    I would much rather than put that $44,000 into code enforcement.

  2. well, i been talking about the spending spree for over a year now. have visited several meeting, and here are the 2 very best experience taking out of that.
    1) our elected leaders in front of the police department, drawing maps of all the countries with chalk on the side walk.
    2) meeting with all the committees, somebody said:
    “we need to stop blaming the economic downfall, we need to go on”

  3. This is truly one of the dumbest things this city has done. Approaching 100 million in unfunded liabilities and we still waste large amounts of money. What is even more insane, the meeting I was in the woman said nothing was going to be done with the input from residents. She was pointedly asked that question. Mr Harper is not going to be known as the greatest mayor the city ever had as he wants to be. He is in the category of Jim Davis and that is an insult to Mr Davis.

  4. What a waste of time and resources! Insult to injury here is not having the citizen input acknowledged and acted upon. This is a mockery of the concerned residents that attended (like myself). Such action is sure to further distance the city council from those residents who really care about the future of Antioch. Local homeowners are increasingly selling to investors and leaving town. Antioch is soon becoming predominantly inhabited by renters with absentee landlords who aren’t much concerned with improving the local community.

  5. Concerned, you are right. We are at about 33% rentals with several of the 49er players owning well over 300 of them. Way Point is the name of their company I believe.

  6. during the last council meeting our city council came up with a new ordinance. they extended their benefit package, by giving themselves 30 days paid sick leave.!!!!!
    harper did not like it, he wanted 60 days.

      • you are right, the meeting before. the fact is, they made a new ordinance, giving them 4 weeks off, paid sick leave.

        • I completely agree, Bill.

          There needs to be some way to deter landlords from renting to these types, and or at least be more accountable for the trouble they bring into the community.

          Freebies are the main reason why they and the homeless thrive in our city. All at the cost of the tax paying homeowners.

          • antioch has a rental inspection program on the books, but is NOT enforcing it at all. this is a lost steady source of income to the city, and would clearly help to to get blight under control.

        • Avoider, the land lords opened the floodgates for the state-supported renters. They apply to CoCo housing who get their funds from the feds. No city official ever contributed to the rental problem. Our ex city manager did not help us however, he encouraged Way Point to buy housing stock here for their very large investment portfolio. Over 300 houses in just about a week was a big problem for the rest of us. And they are in a position to stay a long time.

          • These officials certainly did not do anything to improve the situation like lobby for Section 8 voucher expiration limits. If they aren’t part of the solution they must be part of the problem.

    • The rental inspection program doesn’t do as much for the city as the Landlord Business License Tax will. We don’t have problems such as Richmond and San Francisco to deal with. Yes, eventually that program should be up and running to prevent us from becoming Richmond slums. First and foremost we need the Landlord Business License fee to cover city costs caused by the rentals with the police, roads, water, garbage etc.

      • this will be on the ballot in november. !!!!
        all final paperwork is filed. will post more details when available. and yes, this will be/ is a steady flow of money, not limited by years. as soon as volunteers knock on your door, you will have the opportunity to make it happens.

        i just bring that rental inspection program up all the time, because it is on the book, but not enforced.

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