Code Enforcement Continues to Keep Busy in Antioch



Antioch City Manager Steven Duran continues to report the weekly progress of the Code Enforcement Department where last week they opened 8-new cases and closing 15-cases.  Here is a look at the report.

  • Code Enforcement Officers posted a property on Waterford Way as Sub-standard.
  • Code Enforcement Officers served a warrant on W 5th Street for Property Maintenance violations.
  • In a last and final effort to compel a bank to clear major violations at an unoccupied residential property on Merrill, a citation was issued for $20,000 this week. If this does not compel compliance, an abatement warrant will be sought through the Contra Costa Superior Court.
  • As part of the Suburban Poverty Task Force, Code Enforcement staff attended the  meeting at the Antioch City Council Chambers where Pamela Singh of Concord Cares and LINC presented a model that has been created in Concord.

Last week:

  • 8 New Cases Open
  • 15 Cases Closed
  • 42 Inspections
  • 2 Citations Issued
  • 7 Demands to Title Company for cost recovery
  • 9 Demands to property owner for cost recovery
  • 5 Special Assessment Liens recorded for cost recovery
  • 48  Phone Messages on complaint line (779 7042)

Environmental Resources:

  • Contaminated carts-We have been having an issue with residents putting non-recyclables items in their green waste and recycling carts. Since January 1st, Republic Services has sent out 566 letters to residential customers that have had contaminated recycling or greenwaste carts.
  • Environmental Enforcement-Staff mailed 44 abatement notices to properties stating that if they don’t get service, we will abate for 6 months of service starting 4/1/14. Mailed 18 Notices of Violation for lack of residential garbage service.  A $500 citation was issued to a shopping center without adequate levels of garbage and recycling service. One new case was open for a residential water wasting  violation.
  • Student Intern-For Wednesday and Thursday of this week, we had the pleasure of hosting an 8th grade intern from Antioch Charter Academy. Jessica has been very helpful in promoting the April 26th Keep Antioch Beautiful Day by writing school  newsletter articles in English and Spanish for distribution to the school district. She  also compiled the list of emails of previous cleanup participants and wrote the email blast that went out to almost 200 people.
  • Compost workshops-We hosted a free home composting workshop on Wed., March 12th from 7-9pm in Council Chambers. 5 people attended. Our next workshop will be on May 17th from 9- 11am at Prewett Water Park.

For the full 13-page report on ALL city issues, please click here.


  1. Finally!! This is all good, to see our new City Manager (Steven) caring about this City and his job. Unlike his the prior City Manager…..

  2. So happy about the property on Merrill Dr. So happy to hear about everything here in Antioch. We are going to get our little city back. After having a business and living here for 2 1/2 decades, grateful we are:) thank you

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