Pittsburg Police Ask for Public Help in Identifying Suspect Cutting Electric Wiring


The Pittsburg Police Department is asking for the public’s help in identifying a subject suspected of electric wire cutting.

According to police, this unidentified subject has become a significant nuisance to the city by consistently cutting wires to city street lights and traffic signals. This has been occurring primarily throughout the downtown and northern area of Pittsburg during late night hours. When the street lights and traffic signals are inoperable, it causes a safety concern for citizens.

Police do have video surveillance and have provided photographs. Anyone who has any information regarding this investigation, please contact Detective Chavez at 925-252-4841.

If the suspect is spotted by any citizens, please call dispatch immediately at 925-646-2441.


  1. I wouldn’t bother called in the dispatch number. I’d call 911 immediately if this piece of shit is spotted. This is another reason why we have to have security cameras everywhere now. Also, have people who aren’t working drive around the streets at night. They can sleep in the daytime.

  2. I enlarged that image and it’s difficult to tell what he is. What stands out are the eyeglasses. Maybe he was also caught on other cameras with a better resolution.

  3. Why aren’t those wires located in such an area where people can’t get to them? How does he know where to go and cut them? Did he ever work for the city?

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