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City of Pittsburg Agrees to Purchase Armored Vehicle for Police

by ECT

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In a 5-0 vote last night, the Pittsburg City Council agreed to utilize asset seizure and grant funds on an armored vehicle that would assist the police department in high risk situations.  According to the staff report, the cost of the vehicle is $177,452.

This is a move EastCountyToday can support as they no longer will have to wait or borrow a vehicle from the Contra Costa County Sheriffs Office or East Bay Regional Park District as they have required a vehicle numerous times in the past 12-months—sometimes, it’s not even available. You also have situations where it may take an hour to get on scene where we find that to be unacceptable in any high-risk situation.

Kudos to the Pittsburg City Council and its Police Department on this purchase.

Here is a look at the staff report on the vehicle.


The Pittsburg Police Department is seeking City Council authorization to purchase one Ballistic Armored Tactical Transport and Rescue vehicle.


The Police Department is proposing to utilize asset seizure funds in the amount of $52,452  and existing Supplemental Law Enforcement Services Account (SLESA) equipment grant moneys in the amount of $125,000 to purchase the vehicle


Staff recommends the City Council approve the request of the Chief of Police to appropriate Department’s asset seizure funds and existing equipment grant moneys for the purchase of one ballistic armored tactical transport and rescue vehicle in the amount of $177,452.00.


The requested vehicle will be used by the Police Department’s personnel who respond to critical life threatening incidents that involve firearms. The Police Department does not have a vehicle with ballistic protection.

The vehicle can be utilized to safely evacuate citizens during critical police incidents and provide protection to the officers; there are many additional uses, including, but not limited to:

  • Serving as a mobile command post.
  • Quickly rescuing injured officers and civilian personnel that have been caught in a hazardous environment in which a ballistic fortified vehicle is the safest rescue option available.
  • Allow officers to safely enter the range of fire when responding to an armed and barricaded suspect, if necessary, without exposing officers to the suspect’s dangerous assaultive reaction.
  • Deterrent for continued assault and an additional tool to procure immediate surrender.

The vehicle is manufactured on demand by The Armored Group, LLC of Fort Worth, Texas.  It is four-wheel drive and built on a Ford F-550 Super-Duty commercial chassis powered by a 6.8L V-10 gas engine. The protection package includes a blast mitigating floor, internal armored firewall, rifle rated roof protection, and a fully-armored hood. In addition to these benefits, it can accommodate 12-14 geared officers. The vehicle offers complete protection while remaining very maneuverable and versatile. There are no other manufacturers who build this vehicle to these exact specifications.


Although Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Department and East Bay Regional Parks have similar vehicles, and Pittsburg has utilized these vehicles several times in the past 12 months, their availability is not always guaranteed. Furthermore, their response time is always extended. It will take at least one hour. When the situation calls for such a vehicle, it will be a situation in which seconds matter.

The Pittsburg Police Department requests authorization to purchase one Ballistic Armored Tactical Transport vehicle utilizing asset seizure funds and existing grant moneys.



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Barbara DuMont Jul 16, 2013 - 1:56 pm

lets remember–in Public Safety when you need something you need it NOW. Glad that the Pittsburg City Council understands that and gave them another tool.

ECVsbrother Jul 16, 2013 - 6:45 pm

Police turning into a military state style enforcement will someday backfire miserably. What happened to simple respect for the law? They have to turn to this? Parents are failing big time.

Keith Hecht Oct 17, 2013 - 10:30 pm

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