City of Antioch Seeks to Develop Economic Stimulus Package to Support Local Business Community

City of Antioch Press Release


Antioch, Calif. – The City of Antioch will be seeking to establish a COVID-19 Economic Support Package specifically targeting small businesses within the City.

As the City begins moving forward towards re-opening, it recognizes the financial hardship that COVID-19 has created for Antioch’s business community.

“The City must do everything we can to help our small businesses recover as fast as possible, said Sean Wright, Mayor, City of Antioch. “We must ensure that Antioch continues to be a place for opportunity.”

As part of the City’s financial recovery strategy, city staff is exploring the following options:

  • Business license relief
  • Grants
  • Shared marketing
  • Expediting the business application process

The incentives and funding sources that could be included for the COVID-19 Economic Support Package will be discussed at a future City Council meeting


  1. Too little too late. Should have done this in April instead of wasting time on cannibus. What has the Economic Dev. man done in the past year? Nothing anyone can see. Oh yeah! He has been collecting data.

  2. Please wave the business license fees for Hairdressers, Barbers, and Nail Techs for the next 12 months. We have had to pay rent to keep our place in the Salons, even though we could not work. We are licensed by the State, which has tested us to be sure we know the safety measures connected to sterilization, There is no real reason or benefit to us to having a business license from the City.


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