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City of Antioch Invests $20,000 Launching Open Rewards

by ECT

Antioch, Calif, – The City of Antioch has invested $20,000 to launch Open Rewards. Open Rewards is a customer rewards program that encourages shopping at local small businesses.

Customers will be able to earn 5% rewards when spending at participating small businesses in Antioch. Consumers can sign up now by downloading the app on Apple Store and Google Play and create a profile. Rewards can be used at participating small businesses. A list of small businesses are displayed on the App. The City’s investment in Open Rewards is aimed to incentivize consumers to shop local and stimulate economic recovery after more than a year and a half of pandemic-related restrictions. Bludot, the company behind Open Rewards, will contribute an additional $50 of rewards for each of the first 20 businesses that sign up.

“We are excited to be one of the first Cities to bring this program to our small businesses, Bludot has been a great collaborator especially during COVID,” said Kwame Reed, City of Antioch Economic Development Director

With recent health orders and restrictions, the City is committed to invest and support local businesses for a robust economic recovery. Small businesses have been hit the hardest during this time and Open Rewards is a tool to help get customers into small business storefronts and restaurants especially with the holidays coming it’s important to shop local.

“Currently we have over 45 businesses participating in the Open Rewards App and we are looking for more,” said Reed.

We are calling on more small businesses to continue signing up and participate in Open Rewards.

With the City’s sponsored funds, the program is 100% free for your business to participate. Businesses will be able to attract customers by letting them earn 5% of their purchase as a reward when shopping at their business. Small businesses will also attract customers by letting them use the rewards that they have been saving towards a purchase. Next time customers look for a place to earn or spend their reward dollars, they’ll be able to pick yours!

After the initial funds are utilized, the program will continue with business funds. The sign up is simple and takes no more than 10 minutes.

Sign up today at https://www.bludot.io/rewards-antioch and be part of the businesses to benefit from the program

What’s Next

For ALL download Open Rewards App:

About the City of Antioch:

Antioch is a Bay Area City located on the banks of the San Joaquin River in Northern California, just off of Highway 4 in Contra Costa County. With a population of over 100,000 people, Antioch has become the heart of Eastern Contra Costa County, offering a variety of employment, shopping, and vast recreational activities. The pace of development in Antioch has spurred activity for financial and insurance institutions, contractors, and other service-oriented businesses. Increased development has increased employment in schools, hospitals, and other local service sectors. Antioch is poised to capitalize on its location, skilled workforce, and fiscal strength. For more information: Home – Antioch on the Move

About Open Rewards:

Open Rewards is a program created by Bludot Technologies Inc. Bludot is a Bay Area based startup that has been working with small-mid sized cities’ economic development teams for over 2 years. Bludot’s mission is to provide local economic development teams the tools and programs that help cities best support and grow their local businesses. Since 2020, Bludot has expanded to communities in over 12 states. For more information: www.bludot.io

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Street-Sweeper Oct 19, 2021 - 6:13 pm

Antioch truly is ran by idiots. Clean up your shithole town first, this would draw businesses and people would then shop local. Its business model 101, dummies!

Waste of 20,000 Oct 20, 2021 - 4:55 am

They honestly think this rewards program is going to motivate me to set foot in Antioch???? Theres hardly any stores and if so the stores are surrounded by turds.

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