City of Antioch Announces Financial Turnaround with Release of California State Auditor’s Local Government High Risk Dashboard

Press Release


The following was a Press Release that was issued by the City of Antioch who says they have ranked from high risk to low risk according to the States Auditors Office Local Government High Risk Dashboard.

A couple of things to consider in this ranking:

  • 2013 – voters approved Measure C which increased the Antioch sales tax rate by 1/2 percent from 8.5% to 9% which provided an additional $7 million in new funding.
  • 2014 – voters approve Measure O which was a business license tax where landlords pay $250 per residential unit and $150 per year for multi-family rental units.
  • 2018 – voters approve Measure W (a new 1% sales tax) providing an estimated $14 million in new funding.

It was also in June of 2019 during the 2-year budget cycle when that revenue since 2012 has grown nearly 70% while discussing whether or not to hire more police officers, that concerns over deficit spending as early as 2021-22 and within 5-years could be $12.56 million in deficit spending.

Below is the Press Release issued Monday:

ANTIOCH, Calif., Nov. 18, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Today, the City of Antioch announced that they have been ranked green by the California State Auditor’s Office.

According to the State Auditor’s Office Local Government High Risk Dashboard, cities are ranked in order of financial risk – from high risk to low risk. Rankings are based on the number of points each city earned; cities with equivalent scores have the same ranking. Additionally, the color red is considered high risk, yellow is considered moderate risk, and green is considered low risk.

Antioch residents have always known that we are a great community to raise a family, grow a business, and recreate,” said Sean Wright, Mayor, City of Antioch. “With the support of our community, my colleagues and I have worked hard to continue making Antioch a place people want to call home.”

With a change in leadership at both the City Council and City Manager’s level, city officials quickly went to work focused on getting the City on a trajectory that would allow Antioch to ensure that its residents would enjoy a positive quality of life.

“Our ranking is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team members,” said Ron Bernal, City Manager, City of Antioch. “I would like to thank our team, and the residents of our community for trusting our process and believing that we can turn our fiscal position around. It is truly an honor to serve this amazing city.”

About the City of Antioch: Antioch is located on the banks of the San Joaquin River in Northern California. Just off of Highway 4, in Contra Costa County.

With a population of over 100,000 people, Antioch has become the heart of Eastern Contra Costa County, offering a variety of employment, shopping and vast recreational activities.

The pace of development in Antioch has spurred activity for financial and insurance institutions, contractors, and other types of service-oriented businesses. Increased development has created increased employment in schools, hospitals and other local service sectors. Antioch poised to capitalize on our location, skilled workforce and fiscal strength.

For more information:

To view the California State Auditor’s Local Government High Risk Dashboard Map:!/dashboard?places=&categories=11:T&start_date=2019-01-01&end_date=2019-12-31&lat=37.72035665454622&lng=-122.01928811822131&zoom=8.550143458519445&shapeIds=&shapeGroupId=ujaf-gmvf&mapType=ChoroplethMap&listViewTab=City%20Data&overlayLayers=California%20Cities,California%20Cities%20Boundaries,Census%20Places&search_field=&search_value=&autoUpdate=false&heatFilters=&statusFilter=&choroplethField=thematic_attribute_0_qsui_x7j9&choroplethCategory=&searchType=


  1. So on the backs of tax payers the city is more viable. The city leaders have increased our taxes while our crime sucks, more homeless and now we’re hiring a homeless coordinator. Also going to build a homeless “city” paid for by more tax dollars. Good job.

  2. The leadership in the city of antioch are scam artists. Revenue is up 70% and they are still going to go into deficit spending in 2 years? STOP SPENDING YOU IDIOTS! If it wasn’t for these tax measures, this council would be a complete failure at generating new revenue.

  3. Well well well … while they are all patting themselves on the back, the Food Max center at Delta Fair and Buchanan is a total empty piece of crap, where OSH was on Buchanan is still vacant along with several other storefronts in that center, an empty movie theatre (The Regal) … oh but we are getting 4 weed dispensaries, a few more AM/PM Mini Marts and more houses being built … wooo hoooo ! Antioch is getting better — sure it is.

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