CHP Airplane Assists Officers in Apprehending Reckless Motorcyclist in Oakland


CHP Oakland

Oakland, CA-  At approximately 3:40 in the afternoon CHP airplane Air-37 observed a motorcyclist traveling between 100-120 MPH on I-580 E/B just east of the Macarthur Maze. The aircraft followed the motorcyclist down I-580 and observed the motorcycle rider doing wheelies and other stunts on the bike while on the freeway. CHP Officers on the ground began heading towards the motorcyclist, who was still being tracked by Air-37

The motorcyclist eventually exited the freeway and drove to his residence, where he parked the motorcycle and went inside. CHP Oakland officers responded to the residence within minutes. The rider, Corey McDonah of San Leandro, was arrested at his residence and booked into the North County jail for reckless driving.

A picture of the motorcycle is included below. The public is encouraged to help us combat reckless driving. If you see a vehicle driving recklessly, or you see a driver potentially driving under the influence, call 911 and report them right away!



  1. HA, no rear plate. Still couldn’t outrun the single engine plane as Air-37 is a single engine fixed wing aircraft and the H-units are helo’s. Good job to CHP, this schmuck needs to be off the roads driving like a mad man.

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