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Chadwick Returns to Winner’s Circle At Antioch Speedway, Corn, Shrader, Holbrook Other Winners

By Candice Martin

by ECT

Antioch, CA — Kellen Chadwick won the 25 lap IMCA Modified Main Event Saturday night at Antioch Speedway. This was his third win of the season as he gained a couple of points on leader Nick DeCarlo in the close championship battle.

Terry DeCarlo Sr set the early pace, but rookie Kenneth Robles made an inside pass in Turn 2 of the fourth lap to take over. Chadwick quickly moved into second and made a Turn 2 pass on the seventh circuit to take the lead. Rookie Trevor Clymens settled into second as a three-car battle developed between Bobby Motts Jr, Eric Hamilton and Nick DeCarlo for third. Motts had a flat tire and brought out a Lap 15 yellow flag. Hamilton held third until surrendering the position to Nick DeCarlo on Lap 23. However, Kellen Chadwick stretched his advantage to about half a straightaway over Clymens in victory. Nick DeCarlo ended up third ahead of Hamilton and Terry DeCarlo Jr.

Garrett Corn won the 25 lap IMCA Stock Car Main Event. This was the third win in the last four races for the Merced star. Dan Gonderman picked up a heat race win and set the early pace. However, Rob Gallaher made an outside pass on the front stretch on Lap 6 to take over. Corn found himself in second on Lap 8 and began pressuring Gallaher. A low pass in Turn 4 of the 11th lap put Corn into the lead. For the next half-dozen laps, Corn and Rob Gallaher enjoyed a side-by-side dual for the lead. Corn eventually nudged ahead and built a half-straightaway advantage over Gallaher in victory. Fred Ryland made a late move for third as Gonderman settled for fourth ahead of point leader Travis Dutra.

Kenny Shrader won the 25 lap IMCA Sport Modified Main Event. This was the second win of the season for Shrader, who picked up the victory in the Hetrick race a few weeks ago.

After a complete restart, Mark Garner set the early pace, but championship hopeful Andrew Pearce made an inside pass on the backstretch on Lap 7 to take the lead. Tommy Fraser quickly settled into second. On a Lap 14 yellow flag, point leader Fred Ryland pitted, and Fraser retired from second. Pearce continued to lead Shrader and IMCA State point leader Jacob Mallet Jr on the restart. A contact move in Turn 2 as they worked Lap 17 gained Shrader the lead, but a yellow flag for Tyler Browne negated the pass. Pearce continued to lead Shrader and Mallet on the restart. Pearce seemed headed for the victory until a puff of smoke came from his car on Lap 22 and he headed out the exit gate. That put Shrader into the lead and he brought it home to victory ahead of Mallet, Ryland, Dylan Connelly and Nick Caughman Jr.

Clarence Holbrook won his second-straight 25 lap Pacific Coast General Engineering Hobby Stock Main Event. Grayson Baca led early and through a pair of yellow flags before Holbrook made a Turn 4 pass for the lead on Lap 8. Baca maintained second until being passed on the inside in Turn 3 on Lap 22 by Derek Ogden. The race had several yellow flags, but each restart saw Holbrook motor ahead as he went on to victory. Ogden settled for second ahead of Baca, Jared Baugh and Kevin Brown.

Next week will see the Flat Track Motorcycles come to town for their final visit of the year. For further information, go to www.antiochspeedway.com

Antioch Speedway August 6th Unofficial Race Results

IMCA Modifieds
Heat Winners (8 laps)-Trevor Clymens, Terry DeCarlo Jr. Main Event (20 laps)-Kellen Chadwick, Trevor Clymens, Nick DeCarlo, Eric Hamilton, Kenneth Robles, Terry DeCarlo Jr, Shawn DeForest, Terry DeCarlo Sr, Gary Hylton, Bobby Motts Jr.

IMCA Stock Cars
Heat Winners (8 laps )-Dan Gonderman,  Travis Dutra,. Main Event (20 laps)-Garrett Corn, Rob Gallaher, Fred Ryland, Dan Gonderman, Travis Dutra, Steven Johnson, Jason Robles, Jason Jennings, Jeff Bentancourt, Dave Hill.

IMCA Sport Modifieds
Heat Winners (8 laps)-Jason Ryan Jr, Tyler Browne. Main Event (20 laps)-Kenny Shrader, Jacob Mallet Jr, Fred Ryland, Dylan Connelly, Nick Caughman Jr, Chuck Golden, Kelly Campanile, Brianna Troen, Andrew Pearce, Mark Garner

Pacific Coast General Engineering Hobby Stocks
Heat Winners (8 laps)-Misty Welborn, Jared Baugh, Lance Hurst, Clarence Holbrook. B Main (15 laps)-Aidan Ponciano, James Graessle, Michaela Taylor. Main Event (20 laps)-Clarance Holbrook, Derek Ogden, Grayson Baca, Jared Baugh, Kevin Brown, Brad Coelho, Misty Welborn, Lance Hurst, Jake Bentancourt, James Graessle.


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