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Celebrate Antioch Seeks Holiday Delites Parade Participants

by ECT

The Celebrate Antioch Foundation is seeking applicants for its annual Holiday Delites Parade set for December 2 in downtown Antioch.

The parade will start later this year, to allow for a lighted parade beginning at 4:30 pm.  A Tree Lighting Ceremony at 6:00 p.m. Downtown Antioch

For application, click here. For more information, visit www.celebrateantioch.org/event/holiday-parade/

1. Entry forms must be received by November 30, 2017
2. Parade assembly time – 3:30 p.m. December 2, 2017
3. All units not in position at assembly time will be reassigned to the end of the line.
4. Parade starts promptly at 4:30 p.m.
5. Separate entry forms must be submitted for each entry
6. Entrants must be in full control of animals and vehicles at all times.
7. Please maintain forward motion once parade begins.
8. Please do not throw, discard or spray objects from your unit on the parade route.
9. Entrants with sound or unusual noise must indicate on the entry form
10. All entry performances are to remain under 2 minutes in front of the judges.
11. Parents, please do not crowd the judges’ table.
Please read and select the correct classification of entry.
Assemble begins at West 2nd
Street and E Street to I Street. Parade will proceed down 2nd Street. Our parade will start
at 4:30 p.m. at West 2nd Street and E Street to I Street, around City Hall to 3rd Street and return to the dirt lot at 3rdand D Street.
CLASS 1. Scout Groups:
This category will include all levels of youth scouting groups. Judges will pay particular attention to the presentation of the group including uniforms and message.
CLASS 2. Civic Entry:
This category will include entrants usually identified with community service. Examples may
include but are not limited to: Library, Animal Services, Police/Fire Services, special districts, hospitals, museums, schools, city services, transit districts, and other non profit or charity organizations. The judges will consider presentation, creativity, and message for the award criteria.
CLASS 3. Patriot Entry: This category will consist of entrants expressing a Patriotic theme as their focal message. Entrants may include veterans groups, color guards, active duty
units from any of the U.S. armed services,military marching bands, or any public entrant identifying with the Patriotic theme a sits primary messages. Judges may consider presentation, uniforms, and talent.
Commercial Entry:
This category will consist of entries, which primarily advertise “for profit” products or services to the community. Entrants with presentations, which substantially exceed the advertising theme, may be represented under other categories. Judges may consider costumes, signs, float/vehicle, theme content, or any other appealing aspect of the presentation.
Entertainment Entry: This category will include all entertainment entries. Including vocalist, jugglers, clowns, dancers, acrobats, magicians, (group or soloist), or humorists,
equestrians, or other entertainment oriented acts, including other animal entries. Judges may consider talent, poise, and overall appeal of the entrant, in their selection.
CLASS 6. Cultural Entry:
This category will include entries, which exhibit other cultures in a positive manner. Judges
may consider costumes, music, cultural dances, float/vehicle, and the overall presentation of the entry. This category is not intended to include the theme of “life style cultures.”
This category will include entries which will display all bands, musical groups, marching
bands, which are mainly the “musical sound,” but which also convey an upbeat sound to parade viewers. Judges may consider the music, uniforms, costumes, creativity,
teamwork and synchronization.
CLASS 8. Club Entry:
This category can include any organized “hobby” group or enthusiasts, such as: car/motorcycle clubs, or other clubs who fit in the “not for profit” descripti
on. Judges may consider presentation, interest, and uniqueness (such as vintage cars, bikes, cycles, etc.), as well as other aspects of the club.
CLASS 9. Youth Entry: (non Scout Group):
This category will include any youth group entries, which do not fall under the descriptions of other categories. The sole focus of this category is “participation in the parade.” Judges may
consider costumes, props, vehicles, creativity, smiles, and overall cuteness of the entry.
CLASS 10. Dance/Gymnastics:
This category will include 5 year olds and under. Although no particular presentation is necessary, judges may consider decoration, costume, style, theme, talent, or any other appealing aspect of the entry.
CLASS 11. Public Officials:
This category features elected politicians, senators, mayors, council members, and any other
elected public officials. This category will not be judged.
For application, click here. For more information, visit www.celebrateantioch.org/event/holiday-parade/

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