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CCT Episode 026: Staying Motivated and Being Positive

by ECT

On this episode, we chat with Mr. Positive himself, Tirrell Muhammad who is a Business Owner, Real Estate Investor or VP of Business Development with Team World Builder, he is a Rotarian, and a person who works to help make people lives better.

Tirrell talks about staying positive, keeping motivated and some of his routines that help him keep his mind in a place where he wants it. He also talks the importance of mentors, the crowd you keep, and self-awareness.

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Show overview:

  • 00:11 – introduction 01:35 – about Tirrell Muhammad
  • 02:15 – Being positive in 2008 when housing market crashed, sought opportunity
  • 03:01 – Making that shift from being negative in the “San Francisco projects” towards being positive.
  • 04:50 – In college, he realized it doesn’t matter where you come from, work hard and you can compete with anyone.
  • 06:30 – Explains how you can architect your life to how you want it to be – it starts with being around positive people.
  • 07:40 – Why getting out of your comfort zone is important. Embrace a challenge and adapt to the environment.
  • 10:42 – You are who you hang out with and your environment around you is who you become. Create your own routine & environment. “Me moments” are important.
  • 13:05 – Importance of waking up early. He explains why getting up at 4:30 am is ideal for him.
  • 13:50 – Importance of taking responsibility for your own actions and realize no one owes you anything. Why you should always do a self-assessment. How to define and figure out your own self-awareness. Highlights the “animal assessment” when it comes to behaviors.
  • 18:50 – He explains how losing everything in a fire at his home helped him realize things could always be worse and the impact it has had on his life. Why the “moment” is all we have and why you can’t wait for others to fix your problems.
  • 22:15 – Why he became a member of the Antioch Rotary Club and the mantra of Service Above Self rings true to him with his core principal.
  • 23:00 – Books that Tirrell Muhammad recommends: includes Think Like a Winner, Think and Grow Rich, the Bible.
  • 26:45 – Importance of mentors – you are who you hang out with. Build a support system.
  • 30:02 – Highlights how listening to motivational speakers help, but that is only the start, you have to take action and create goals followed by executing those goals. Some speakers he listens to are Tony Robbins, Les Brown Eric Thomas The Hip-Hop Preacher (etthehiphoppreacher). Why writing things down matter?
  • 32:40 – Three best tips for changing a mindset.

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