Brentwood Patio Celebrates 1 Year in Brentwood with Give-a-Way Raffle


Brentwood Patio Store is celebrating its one-year anniversary in downtown Brentwood this fall by hosting a contest where the winner will receive a Bayou Classic Stockpot Cooker just in time for Thanksgiving Turkey.

Located at 234 Oak Street, the family owned store showcases outdoor living at its best. It features a variety of high-end furniture, BBQs, and other highly useful accessories.  It also offers the visually appearing isle of hanging grills and a fabulous selection of pizza ovens.

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In 2008, Brentwood Patio was created with the idea of selling items online. The business was run out of a closet with the idea of helping provide financial assistance for the family during the recession explained to Ryan Maltbie, Vice President.

Todd Maltbie, Ryan’s father, who owns a Construction Company which employed 60 people at the time, was thriving before the economy crash in 2008. Like most construction companies and workers, the recession hit the industry hard. Pool & Landscape Development, also located in Brentwood, specializes in landscape designs, decks, retaining walls, pools & spas, water feature creations, paving, outdoor kitchens and accessories.

“The construction company went from 7-to-10 jobs per month to nothing and it was a struggle”, explained Maltbie.

The construction industry was hit hardest in 2008 where jobs stopped and layoffs were rampant so another form of income was needed.

“My dad thought of an idea of selling a product online and it became a business we never thought it would become,” said Maltbie. “There was some doubt at first, I was 16 at the time during summer vacation and I thought my dad was crazy doing a website. I remember thinking he had no business being in construction and on the internet.”

Todd Maltbie was certain his idea would work that he leveraged his relationships from construction for the website in order to try it out. He was given a chance by a single company who even though the idea would not work but based on the relationship they had formed they decided to give it a shot.

Maltbie recalls the first design of being “poorly designed” and “ugly” after six-months and a lot of money invested while the naysayers continued to say it would not work.

Working from 3:00 am for customers on the east coast to 12:00 pm for customers in Hawaii, they beat the odds by hustling to fill orders. In the course of a year, they did $1 million in sales.

Realizing they were onto something, they upgraded the website and in 2010 they moved out of the closet and into their Antioch location on Wilbur so they could hire a team while setting boundaries on their round-the-clock work schedules of filling orders. After three-years in Antioch, they moved to downtown Brentwood in 2013.

“The best time to build a business is in a recession, we took it to heart and went after it,” said Maltbie. “We took a negative with the construction business and used our contacts to turn it into a positive and reinvent ourselves. In 5 years, we have broken sales records that took others 15-years to capture.”

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With a store front in Brentwood, they now feel like they are home and are apart of the community. The store attracts a high-end buyer which they hope translates into neighboring businesses doing well.

“There is nothing like our store (in terms of BBQ) in California,” says Maltbie. “We attract a high-end buyer who also loves shopping in boutiques or mom and pop shops. We not only want them in our store, but in the community as well.”

The ultimate goal is helping make Brentwood and surrounding communities become  better by improving lifestyles and increasing home values with upgraded yards for entertainment and cooking.

“We want to give a good product and service to our community by not only improving backyards and raising home values, but more importantly we want to help bring the community together through BBQ demonstrations, monthly BBQ’s, participating in community events to numerous other ways that we have planned for next year,” explained Maltbie. “We are now at a place where we have the support of people buying our products, now we want to further give back to help the community.”

Brentwood Patio Giveaway
Win a Bayou Classic Stockpot Cooker with a 30 Quart Stockpot
The Brentwood Patio Store will be raffling off a stockpot cooker just in time for Thanksgiving. To enter, visit the store at 234 Oak Street and fill out a card with your name and phone number. Once completed, drop it into the stockpot. On November 15, they will draw the winner.

Win a Bayou Classic Stockpot Cooker from ECT
Be sure to check the EastCountyToday Facebook Page on Thursday November 6 for details where we will begin a 24-hour contest and select a winner on November 7th. This will be done strictly through social media.

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