Brentwood Armory Offers Chance to Win iPad Mini With Firearm Purchase



The Brentwood Armory is giving shoppers a reason to purchase a firearm this holiday season by offering the chance to win an iPad Mini with the purchase of $350 or more from today until Dec. 20. Each time you purchase a firearm valued over $350, you will receive 1-raffle ticket.

According to Niki DiDonato, there are several solid firearm options in the $350 to $400 price range.

Walther P22 Handgun, 22LR $391.82

Charter Arms Undercover Lite Revolver 38 caliber

Charter Arms Undercover Lite Revolver 38 caliber, $397.36
Mossberg 500 Pistol Grip Shotgun

Mossberg 500 Pistol Grip Shotgun, 12g $357.13

Walther P22 Handgun, 22LR

Remington 770 Bolt Action Rifle, 243 caliber $373.12

Remington 770 Bolt Action Rifle

You can search inventory and shop online at at

You can also visit them at there storefront location at 305 Town Centre Terrace Suite N, Brentwood CA 94513


  1. Why isn’t it legal? Car dealerships give away everything from Xmas trees to TV’s if you just test drive cars why can’t this place hand out an iPad?

    • Ever heard the term “no purchase required”? It’s all the difference in the world right there.

      This requires a purchase to obtain a ticket making it a raffle or game of chance. Only non-profits can legally conduct raffles in Calif and most other states. Both State and Federal laws in play here. Unless the armory has registered themselves with the State for this or in some way received an exemption, this is a problem.

  2. DEFINITELY NOT LEGAL. This now becomes a lottery not a giveaway. If I were them I would consult an attorney and quickly.

  3. Your link totally proves my point thanks. This raffle is in no way “For beneficial or charitable purposes.” They don’t need to register for anything because they are not going to profit from the proceeds.

    Don’t be upset, go support a local business and buy a gun.

    • Me thinks this is classified as a lottery, and would be illegal (misdemeanor) under California Law… IF you believe the info on this link:
      Sooooo, while I think it is small potatoes, some namby -pamby numbskull nimby’s just don’t like firearms being sold in their neighborhood. So they find any reason to cry about it.
      Me? I hope they get some reloading supplies going there, be nice to have a local supply. Nice to see the neighborhood improving with a decent gun shop.

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