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by ECT

Why Support ECT?
EastCountyToday.net is a small business who is committed to bringing local news to East Contra Costa County as it breaks at no cost to our readers.

It is my goal to never charge for our services and plan to continue to provide content at no charge whether its stories, photographs or videos. We also provide an event calendar (probably the most time consuming task of all). Like any business, gathering information for stories takes time and money, there are also gas costs and equipment costs.

So for that, we have launched a Patreon Campaign to accept donations which help with operation costs and allow this site to continue running and be able to cover local news as it happens.

For those who appreciate and enjoy this sites content, perhaps you would consider a small donation by becoming a Patron… even for just $1 per month.

Thank you so much for the support

Mike B.

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