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At least 40 Kids Sick in Chemical Exposure at Antioch Water Park

by ECT

At 2:29 pm Thursday, emergency crews responded to reports of a child complaining of respiratory problems at the Prewitt Family Park on Lone Tree Way.

IMG_2403Shortly after the first child complained of respiratory problems, more children began to complain and eventually was upgraded to Level 3 multi-casualty incident with up to 40-patients.

“Upon arrival children were suffering respiratory distress, “said CONFIRE spokesman George Laing, “After further assessment, approximately 40 children exposed to some sort of chemical exposure, most likely chlorine”

A total of 13 ambulances, 5 engines, and medical staff to assesses the injuries and assist with patient transport stated Laing. Only children were exposed and no age range was provided.

IMG_2426It was estimated around 4:00 pm, at least 15 children had been transported by AMR to local hospitals.

According to CONFIRE says that at the time of the incident, there may have been a chlorine delivery to the pool that may have contributed to the incident, but that is still under investigation.

It’s unknown how many people were using the pool when the issue occurred.

IMG_2393Injuries were considered minor respiratory, however, there may be children with preexisting conditions that may have contributed to more severe injuries and patients were triaged inside the water park before transfer.

Antioch Police Chief Allan Cantando praised the water park staff.

“The park Staff should be commended for their efforts to know to pull everyone out of the pool as quick as possible. Without their quick thinking, this incident could have been much worse,” said Cantando.

IMG_2452Cantando offered no further details on the incident as both the County and City are investigating the incident. The water park will remain closed until the issue with the pool is resolved.

Responding agencies included Contra Costa County Fire Protection District, Antioch Police, American Medical Response and Contra Costa Hazardous Materials,

Check back for updates, below is a video during a press conference provided by CONFIRE.

There was a total of 34-victims with minor respiratory problems, 17 whom were transported to local hospitals and later released to their parents.


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