Assemblyman Frazier Recognizes Pittsburg Police Officers


Earlier this week, Assemblyman Jim Frazier recognized two Pittsburg Police Officers for heroism for their roles in a February 12 shooting that left one officer shot.

Frazier provided Officer Brian Scott and Officer Raychel Whedbee an Assembly Certificate of Recognition that was co-authored by Senator Mark DeSaulnier and Assemblywoman Susan Bonilla.

According to Fraziers staff, Officer Brian Scott is a five year veteran who was shot from close range, however, he was saved because of a bullet proof vest. He was treated at a hospital and and later released. Officer Raychel Whedbee has been with the police department for seven years and was not hurt.

The incident occurred on February 12 near the intersection of Maple and East 12th Street when Troy Aben Makanski, 30, of Oakley, was arrested after allegedly shooting at two police officers during a pursuit–Makanski was also shot in the incident by police.

According to Lt. Ron Ramon, Makanski was on probation and had three active felony warrants for his arrest in connection with weapons, drugs and probation violations at the time of the shooting.

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Pictures provided by Assemblyman Fraziers staff. For more on Assemblyman Frazier, visit his website


  1. Glad to see one less idiot out on the street. Hope they catch more of these people! Nice to see officers getting well deserved recognition!

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