Arson Suspected in Early Morning Antioch Boat Fire


At 5:15 am Thursday, Contra Costa County Fire Protection District firefighters were dispatched to a report of a boat on fire in the 100 block of Walter Way in the City of Antioch.

The fire was located next to the ABC Rendezvous Bar and was an active fire upon firefighter arrival which was threatening the building. Crews made quick fire attack which prevented extension to the neighboring building.

According to very preliminary information on scene, arson was suspected.

This was the third boat fire in Antioch over the past several weeks.


  1. More than likely it was the homeless again. They were starting fires last night next to the Global Auto Parts store in the RiteAid shopping center on east 18th St and was reported to police. Walter Way is very close to RiteAid. These homeless have started several fires near the dumpsters by RiteAid in the past couple months where fire fighters had to be called to put it out. Where is the shelter in place for these homeless that could be carriers of this Covid-19 or more. Antioch counsel doesn’t do crap about it and we the law abiding citizens are the ones suffering! A.P.D. is doing their best to keep us safe but the city government can let them do more!

  2. something needs to be done yes they are human and need to stay warm but it’s also dangerous WE NEED MORE SHELTERS just imagine all the HUMAN excrement all over because businesses are CLOSED SMH DAMN SHAME humans shldnt have to live like animals..the ones that actually really want and need the help are being overlooked and being categorized as HOMELESS..DRUGGIE JUNKIES.. TWEAKERS 🤬😤🙁 I PRAY SOMETHING GETS DONE A.S.A.P.

  3. The Contra Costa Fire District also has a dedicated arson unit comprised of several full time criminal arson investigators. If anyone has information that could help them solve these fires you need to let them know. Yes, could and probably be the homeless or it could be a serial arsonist. All of which are very dangerous. Let APD or CCCFPD Fire Investigation Unit know if you have any information that can help them catch those responsible.

  4. We need security cameras all over this city! There are ones developed now where they offer great resolution and can be mounted where they are not readily visible so someone can’t see them and destroy them. Also, with many people staying home now, they can be more vigilant about what’s going on at night around them and do their sleeping during daylight hours. It seems that quite a few of these fires are started at night. When I ran a business, I would set up a sleeper couch where I would spend some nights but could hear if anyone was trespassing and if they were, the lights would come on illuminating them and then I would use the microphone with speakers outside to ask them what they wanted. Scared them half to death as they took off.

  5. First of all this time it’s not the homeless this time the have camera footage. I recognize him and he hangs out in Pittsburg by Walmart.


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