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April 7 – 13: Antioch Police Briefs

by ECT

According to Antioch City Manager Steve Duran, the Antioch Police Department had 1,637 calls for service between April 7 – 13.

Of those calls, 89 arrests were made. 39 arrests were felony and 48 were misdemeanor. They also made 3-DUI arrest.


  • On 4/13/16 at 11:43 pm, 49 year old Leonard Burleigh was contacted during a vehicle stop on E 18th St. and found to have a felony narcotics warrant for his arrest. Burleigh was taken into custody without incident and booked into county jail.


  • On 4/13/16 at 9:10 pm, 26 year old Rocky Sims was contacted during a disturbance investigation on James Donlon Blvd. near Blythe Dr. He was found to have a warrant out of Alameda County and taken into custody without incident. He was later booked into county jail.


  • On 4/13/16 at 4:52 pm, officers were in the area of W.8th St. near K St. on an unrelated call for service.  While in the area, officers located a stolen Acura which was being driven by 21 year old Andrea Rice.  Rice seemed to have trouble operating the vehicle as she exited the car and got into the passenger seat.  30 year old Lyteika Jamerson then entered the driver’s seat and began to drive away.  Officers stopped the vehicle and were able to detain both occupants without incident.  Both Rice and Jamerson stated the vehicle belonged to an acquaintance, who had given them the keys to the car.  Both Rice and Jamerson were released pending further investigation


  • On 4/13/16 at 9:56 am, 26 year old John Appling was contacted asleep in a stolen vehicle at the foot of G St.  Appling stated that he drove his own car to the foot of G St. to meet an associate who was in the stolen car.  Appling’s car was indeed parked next to the stolen one.  And although the car was stolen, Appling’s story was checking out.  It was unknown who actually drove the car there, and Appling was released pending further investigation.  Cameras in the area are being reviewed and the investigation is ongoing.


  •  On 4/12/16 at 10:35 pm, the victim was sitting in front of the apartments at 1000 Claudia Ct. when she was approached by two male adults.  One of the males pointed a hand gun at her demanding her property. The victim’s purse was ripped from her grip by the responsibles.  They walked away with her property and told the victim she will be shot if she did not run away. The victim complied with the demands and ran home where she contacted police.


  •  On 4/12/16 at 10:30 pm, a home owner arrived home from work and as she exited her vehicle on Aster Dr., she was approached by a female adult.  As her attention was drawn toward the female, an adult male approached her from the opposite direction and pointed a handgun at her face.  The female pushed the victim to the ground, kicked her in the back, and took her purse, cell phone and car keys.  The male pulled the victim away from the vehicle by the hair and the responsibles got into the victim’s vehicle.  The responsibles stole the victim’s vehicle but abandoned it a short distance away due to the vehicle tires locking from the emergency brake which was still applied.  The responsibles fled on foot toward W 10th St.  We attempted to ping the victim’s cell phone but the phone had been powered off. The case is still under investigation.


  • On 4/12/16 at 6:17 pm, officers contacted 41 year old William Wilkinson during a dispute he was in with another person on Campbell Ave. Wilkinson had a felony warrant in the system and also had probable cause for his arrest for a threats case.  Wilkinson left on his bike prior to our arrival.  Wilkinson was located on Klengel St. and fled on foot when an officer attempted to contact him.  Wilkinson was located in a neighboring yard and arrested without incident. He was booked into county jail.


  • On 4/12/16 at 1:18 pm, a local hospital called to report a gunshot victim showed up at the emergency room with wounds to his leg and abdomen. Officers arrived and met with the adult male who was uncooperative. He refused photographs and after several attempts he finally told officers he was walking on James Donlon Blvd. near Somersville Rd. when he was shot. The victim’s injuries were not life threatening. He told officers he was able to knock out one of the shooters but would not talk anymore about the incident because he lives a “different lifestyle.” There were no leads or suspect descriptions. The scene could not be located.


  • On 4/12/16 at 8:03 am, 36 year old Rashita Boykin drove to Carmen Dragon Elementary today to drop her child off at school. Boykin drove in the parking lot and ran over some cones that were set out by the school staff to keep the flow of cars smooth during morning drop off. The principal approached Boykin at her car door as she was parked in a stall. It appears they had a verbal disagreement about Boykin’s driving. Boykin attempted to leave the lot and her open driver’s door bumped the principal, knocking him to the ground. Both sides had conflicting views of the incident. A traffic collision report was taken.  Boykin had a suspended driver’s license and no insurance. She was cited and her vehicle was impounded.


  • On 4/11/16 at 11:50 pm, an officer conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle driven by 58 year old Charles Coan at E 18th St. and Hillcrest Ave.  Coan is on parole and a search was conducted.  Three large bags of methamphetamine were located weighing a total of approximately 1 ounce each.  Coan was arrested and booked at county jail.


  •  On 4/11/16 at 9:40 pm, 28 year old Rosha Booker entered Safeway on Deer Valley Rd. and concealed three Tide clothing detergents in her bag.  A loss prevention agent observed Booker fail to pay for the items and confronted her about the theft.  Booker became irate and told the loss prevention agent she was going to stab him with her knife.  In fear of being stabbed, he allowed Booker to leave.  The loss prevention agent provided a description of Booker and observed her go behind the Walgreens.  Officers arrived and located Booker hiding behind a dumpster to the rear of Walgreens.  She was detained and positively identified by the loss prevention agent.  She was in possession of the stolen property and found to have numerous theft related warrants for her arrest.  Booker was arrested and sent to county jail.


  • On 4/11/16 at 7:46 pm, four victims were walking at Wildflower Dr. and Sunflower Dr. when they noticed a Honda Civic pass by them three times.  On the third time, the Civic stopped in the middle of the street and two males with guns got out.  The victims were all robbed of various items including cell phones, shoes, jewelry, and wallets.  The responsibles got back into their vehicle and fled. One of the victims recognized one of the responsibles as someone who he used to attend high school with. Two minutes prior to this robbery, the same responsibles are believed to have robbed two people at Country Manor Park nearby. Both cases are still under investigation.


  • On 4/11/16 at 7:22 pm, an officer was driving on Mokelumne Dr. and ran the license plate of a Honda that passed him in the opposite direction.  The Honda was listed as stolen from Concord.  The officer turned around and quickly located the vehicle on Tehachapi Wy.  Both occupants had exited the vehicle but were detained.  The driver, 26 year old Corey Whittington, had a baggie of methamphetamine in his possession and was on felony probation.  He was also using a “shaved” key to operate the vehicle.  He was booked at county jail.  The passenger was released pending further investigation.


  • On 4/10/16 at 9:17 pm, officers responded to Mandarin Way on a report of loud noises coming from the side of a house.  Officers arrived and contacted 29 year old Antonio Camacho.  A computer check revealed Camacho had a warrant for his arrest.  Camacho was arrested without incident and booked into county jail.


  •  On 4/10/16 at 3:28 pm, an officer responded to Hawk Ct. on a report of a suspicious vehicle.  The reporting party provided the license plate which had been spray painted.  This vehicle was involved in a pursuit last night and was determined to be a stolen vehicle, driven by 32 year old Faafouina Tinoifili.  Last night’s pursuit was terminated and probable cause to arrest was put out for Tinoifili.  As the officer was approaching the area, the vehicle fled out of the court and he recognized the driver as Tinoifili.  The officer followed the vehicle and a pursuit was initiated.  The pursuit was approximately 7 miles long and was ultimately terminated on westbound Highway 4.  A few hours later, CHP advised they located Tinoifili in Bay Point with another stolen vehicle from San Francisco.  Our officer responded to Bay Point and was able to obtain a confession from Tinoifili regarding the stolen vehicle and the earlier pursuit.  Tinoifili was booked into county jail by CHP with additional charges from APD.  Lt.


  • On 4/10/16 at 2:51 pm, loss prevention from Macy’s observed 28 year old Eric Agundez stealing a jacket and attempted to stop him for the theft. They struggled with Agundez for a moment, but were able to detain him. An officer responded and contacted Agundez and the Macy’s employees. Agundez is a known gang member and on parole for a shooting. He was arrested for the petty theft and parole was contacted. Parole issued a hold on Agundez. He was booked in county jail.
  • On 4/10/16/at 10:24 a.m., officers were dispatched to a suspicious subject call at the apartment complex located at 600 Wilbur Ave. An officer located 28 year old Brandon Hill who matched the description given by the reporting party. During contact, Hill lied about his name but said he was on probation. He was found to have a small amount of methamphetamine, a BB gun and brass knuckles with a knife attached. He was arrested and his true identity was discovered. Hill was sent to county jail.


  •  On 4/9/16 at 8:54 pm, A St Starbucks Employees called and reported a subject was hiding in the store stating he was being chased by subjects with guns. The responsibles were said to be in front of Quickstop on Sycamore Drive and a physical description was given. Officers responded to both locations and were unable to locate the original victim. He fled the store prior to officers’ arrival. Officers at Quickstop located 29 year old Robert Freeze, who matched the given description in front of the store. He was contacted and found to have a narcotics warrant out of San Francisco. He was arrested without incident and booked into county jail. No weapons were found. Freeze stated he was transient and was just waiting for friends. No weapons were recovered.



  • On 4/8/16 at 8:30 pm, APD received several calls of a truck driving reckless in the area of Delta Fair Blvd and Somersville Rd. The truck was said to be heading westbound on Delta Fair Blvd and running red lights. A very short time later, officers were dispatched to a roll over collision at the intersection of Delta Fair Blvd and Fairview Dr involving the truck from the previous call. An unknown passenger crawled out and fled on foot. The driver, 31 year old Manuel Mata-Valles, managed to get out just prior to officers arriving and attempted to walk away, but he was detained without incident. Mata-Valles was found to be extremely intoxicated. He gave a complaint of head and neck pain due to the collision. He was transported to a local hospital for treatment. A blood draw was obtained and the hospital wanted to hold Mata-Valles until he was deemed “medically” sober. He was released pending further investigation at the hospital. A small city tree was knocked over due to the collision. Officers on scene were able to clear the tree to the side and Corpyard was alerted.


  • On 4/8/16 at 12:46 pm, employees of McDonald’s on Mahogany Way called APD regarding 22 year old Chris Fraulino because he was panhandling at the drive-thru with a knife in his hands.  Officers contacted Fraulino who was quick to conceal the knife (a large steak knife) in his waistband. Fraulino was not cooperative but he was detained and arrested for the weapons violation.  He was also in possession of heroin. He was transported to county jail.


  • On 4/8/16 at 8:40 am, while responding to a possible burglary in progress with two male suspects, an officer saw a suspicious vehicle in the area of Bluerock Dr and Lone Tree Way.  The vehicle immediately fled from the area and the officer.  The vehicle was an older Honda plated with a newer Toyota rental plate. The driver also looked similar to known car thief that lives in the area.  A short, low speed pursuit ensued and was quickly terminated when the suspect briefly drove on the wrong side of the road. Afterwards, a canvass of the area was completed, but the vehicle was not located.



  • On 4/7/16 at 5:18 pm, officers were dispatched to a report of subjects selling narcotics near a tan vehicle at 2308 Spanos Street. Upon arrival, they contacted 23 year old Malia Hoopai. Hoopai was holding a large purse.  The officers explained to Hoopai why they were there and she agreed to let them look through her purse for narcotics. The officers located approximately 20 individually wrapped baggies of Heroin weighing approximately 4.8 grams in total. Additionally they located two baggies of methamphetamine with a total weight of 3.7 grams. Hoopai stated she was holding the items for a friend. Hoopai was sent to county jail for possession of narcotics for sale.


  • On 4/7/16 at 8:22 am, 24 year old Sara Stromberg lost control of her vehicle and crashed into the backside of the Chrysler Dealership’s fence on Verne Roberts Cir.  As a result she was injured and disoriented and transported to a local to be evaluated.  She was later determined to be under the influence of drugs and a blood drawn was performed. She was admitted into the ER and released pending further investigation.

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