Antioch: Vegetation Fire Threatens Several Homes off Wilbur Ave


At 4:10 pm Sunday, Contra Costa County Fire Protection District firefighters were dispatched to a report of a tree on fire at Wilbur Ave and Marie Ave in the City of Antioch.

While responding, a column of smoke was reported and this was upgraded to a vegetation fire. Upon arrival, it was reported the fire was threatening several homes and a structure protection response was issued by 4:18 pm.

By 4:40 pm, the fire was contained.


  1. Do they know, or suspect, a cause? Drove by earlier and they had the goats clearing the lot. Hope none were harmed. Or did the Billy’s take a smoke break and cause the fire?

  2. I’m sure the tree didn’t light itself! How many fires have the homeless started since late May? I think at least two per week!

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