Antioch Unified School District Awarded Grant to Hire 10 Mental Health Clinicians


This week, the Antioch Unified School District announced it has been awarded a grant that would allow them to hire 10 mental health professionals, or, “transition coaches”.

According to the District, these health professionals will begin with referrals and will obtain permission from families prior to assessing students and beginning individual, group, or a combination of therapy.

Superintendent Stephanie Anello said Thursday that these positions will be vital for the district and student’s as they work through remote learning. The Transition Coaches will be providing services remotely via Telehealth to provide assistance to students who need them.

“We are thrilled that we are going to be able to provide these services to our students and community. We are in trying times and being able to provide professional health services will help improve the learning environment both for distance learning and for when students return to campus,” said Anello.

Board President Diane Gibson-Gray called this great news for the District and the community which is greatly needed. She called it a great resource that will be available very soon for the students in the new school year. She is hopefully even more resources within the District will be available as well as the District is seeking additional funding for a variety of other resources.

Anello said they applied for the grant because they applied for the grant as they recognize some students need assistance navigating the stress in their lives as well as the Districts budget constraints. Schools are being asked to not only educate, but provide much needed mental health services.

While students are learning at home, Transition Coaches will be providing services remotely via Telehealth. The grant is for a five year period.


  1. Is mental health in our schools that bad ? I don’t remember having any mental health people in any of the 6 school districts I attended in Santa Clara County. When did they start putting mental health people in schools?

  2. If the alledged Mental Health Clinicians are Democrats, they will need their own individual Mental Health Exams for public safety

  3. Gosh, it sure would be heartwarming to read some well constructed and thoroughly unbiased comments regarding this article… Now, the *first* comment is irrelevant, because this is a different time and situation than it was when you were in school. The *second* comment is of course, our old and very dear friend, The Troll, and perhaps an unschooled one at that… 🙂 And the *third* comment neglects to even briefly consider that it is very likely to be extremely stressful to many students (and parents) to not be able to attend classes in person. So, go back to your keyboards, and please, make some more thoughtful and all encompassing comments on the subject… (Except our Pal, T.T., of course…) Personally, I can readily imagine that having a few Mental Health Professionals available to assist Students in need, would be very useful… I’m in favor!

  4. Ever since they began to remove God and the Bible from schools things have been getting more evil. John 3:16


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