Antioch: Two Shot Friday Night on Lemontree Way


At 11:17 pm Friday August 2, Antioch Police responded to a report of a shooting on Lemontree Way in the City of Antioch.

It was reported that at least one female was shot in the back while a second person was also shot, but had self-transported to a local hospital. Contra Costa County Firefighters and AMR also responded to the scene.

Antioch Police have released no information on this incident. Check back for updates.


    • What’s sad about it? These scumbags are slowly remove themselves from the human species. Think of Chicago and what’s been going on there! A good start! And now that’s moving into this area. Big Cheer!

      • Richard is it?? Your nothing but a Disrespectful loud mouth ass who don’t even know what the fuck your even talking about, that (scumbag ) your reffering about is MY NIECE AND HOW I SEE IT , PEOPLE LIKE YOUR BITCH ASS IS THE PROBLEM, HOW DO YOU THINK WE SHOULD HANDLE THAT?? RICHARD

        • Hey Gina! How is Richard the problem? Whom did he shoot? YOU are the problem, sister. You and your fellow-travelers! We know how to handle that, though!

    • What’s sad? These shooting occur more in the Sycamore area than anywhere else (other than Cavallo). Lemontree, Spanos, etc. became very dangerous after an influx of Oaklanders.

  1. Richard, is it? That scumbag is my niece, How dare you speak like you know her!!!! “YOU are nothing But Disrespectful ” PEOPLE LIKE YOU ARE THE PROBLEM, SO RICHARD IF I WAS YOU AND THANK GOD IM NOT!!!!! ID REALLY SHUT THE FUCK UP!!

  2. Richard you don’t even know these people keep your hate to yourself cuz these people who have family and we don’t play

  3. Is Richard in the street shooting at people? How is he the problem to these people getting shot? I think it’s time for people to take up responsibility for there actions maybe it was wrong place wrong time but maybe it wasn’t everybody knows your putting your life at risk being in the streets especially a known street for shootings . Don’t blame it on Richards comments that’s ridiculous

  4. Why because Richard speaks the truth when do people step up and take responsibility right now we have an epidemic of African Americans killing each other sad but true

    • There seems to be an “epidemic” of white people shooting each other. Take responsibility for others committing crimes? Are you taking responsibility for the 70,000 white people dying from opioids and meth?? Sad but true…do speak of the Appalachian cities filled with white people,welfare and drug addicts Seen the long lines of white people outside Chicago drug dens…killing to sell drugs to whites…ijs

  5. When there were no black people in Brentwood (like when my dad was in high school here) there was hardly any crime at all, now Brentwood is slowly but surely starting to turn into antioch…. As Soon as Brentwood builds a shitload more houses like they plan which will probably end up being section 8, plan on Brentwood not being able to figure out the right way to do things and drugs and gangs will take Brentwood like a trip taking candy from a crackhead…. Literally

  6. Richard speaks t meh truth and no one likes it. Tell your niece to stop being an asshole thug bitch. Nothing but problems down that whole street the cops need to just put a sub station down there. Have 6 police cars just for that ghetto ass area. Lock them all up in jail, because sooner or later they will commit a crime

  7. That dude should run for mayor. He’s only speaking the truth. Try and think of one city or town where they became the majority and things in the city actually improved. There isn’t one they all filed for bankruptcy or are about to. It’s kinda sad to point out really but they just don’t care. YOU DONT SH!T WHERE YOU SLEEP

  8. Richard! You’re right-on-the-money! You hit the proverbial nail on-the-head. According to my great-grandparents (yes, they’re in their 80’s but doing fine), Antioch was really a great place to live UNTIL the MAGGOT, GHETTO SEWER RAT SHIT BAGS started to moving in! That’s when all the shootings started and it went downhill from there.

    The enclaves of SYCAMORE (Lemontree) and the CAVALLO neighborhood, are the festering boils on the posteriors of Antioch! They must be lanced! STAND BACK!

  9. Does anyone know the name of the female who was shot? We’re all worried and we know too many people out there, so if anyone knows please share.

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