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Antioch to Reopen Investigation into Torres-Walker Complaint Against Antioch Police

by ECT

On Friday, it was announced the Antioch City Council has agreed to reopen the investigation into a complaint filed by Antioch City Councilwoman Tamisha Torres-Walker against the Antioch Police Department.

No details were provided, however, the City of Antioch cited new developments which caused the investigation to be reopened.

Here is a copy of the Press Release that went out Friday:

Press Release Re Citizen Complaint & City Response:

Due to recent evidence brought to the City’s attention concerning an ongoing administrative investigation of a complaint brought by Tamisha Torres-Walker, and for the purpose of ensuring the City’s investigation into this matter is independent and free of even the appearance of impropriety, the City has decided to retain an alternative independent counsel to conduct further review of this matter.  In the interest of fairness to all involved parties, the City appreciates the patience of the parties and the public as the investigative process continues.  Due to the sensitive nature of the investigation and the privacy rights of those involved, the City cannot comment or provide additional information relating to this matter.  The City is taking these necessary steps to ensure that this matter is properly handled through a truly independent and thorough review of the circumstances.  

According to City of Antioch Public Information Officer Rolando Bonilla, he stated given recent developments, the City Council agreed to re-do the investigation. Councilmember Torres- Walker was not in the room when decision made, and she learned of decision the same was as the public did on Friday.

After the incident on Dec. 30, 2020, Walker took to social media and performed a 9-minute Facebook Live rant attacking the Antioch Police Department making several accusations. This prompted Walker to call for an investigation.  Within the investigation report, Walkers claims were deemed false.

The report was released in mid-September which stated the claims made by Torres-Walker against Antioch Police were false and exonerated Antioch Police Officers–the council was provided the report on Sept. 1 which was provided by Oppenheimer Investigations Group LLP.

The cost of the investigation to date was approxmently $45,000.

No other information has been released.

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mrtbcabo Oct 5, 2021 - 9:46 am

Wondering why my comment was removed?

Orlando Ruiz Oct 5, 2021 - 1:36 pm

Her publicized antics have caused the relocation of businesses from Antioch to other cities. The negative publicity generated by her have hurt Antioch’s business community. Quite a few people who were considering opening businesses in Antioch, decided against it She’s hurting Antioch and needs to be removed.

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