Antioch: Teens Injured After Reckless Driving Stunt Ends on Railroad Tracks


At 9:17 pm Thursday, Antioch Police and Contra Costa County Fire Protection District firefighters responded to a report of a vehicle crash in downtown Antioch.

Initial reports were that a vehicle went 30-feet down an embankment at 2nd Street and G Street which resulted in an overturned on the railroad tracks.

Upon arrival, first responders located a truck that had traveled onto the railroad tracks with a 18 y/o and a 15 y/o injured – later determined to be minor injuries.

According to police, the teens were doing break stands in the parking lot when the foot slipped off the brake and launched them off the ledge and onto the railroad tracks. Police also said they had reports from witnesses of the vehicles also doing doughnuts.

No other information was provided.


  1. D’oh! Probably won’t do that again,I’m just glad they didn’t hurt anyone and secondly I hope it was they’re only vehicle and are on foot fir a while till they mature…

  2. If there are no passengers waiting to board the train, it just whistles past that depot at great speed.

    • Why are you glad? A good SPLATTING would have taken them out of the human species. Brainless people should not be given a chance to reproduce and pass their stupidity to the next generation. Their parents did that already!

  3. There’s something that could have been useful in preventing maybe not this, but countless other disasters: a curfew. Why doesn’t Antioch have a curfew? Why are young teens (not the 18-year-olds, obviously, but the younger ones) out running on the street at all hours? Have parents completely abdicated any responsibility? If your young teen is on the street at 1 – 2:30 a.m. or so, as they are in our neighborhood, just what do you think they’re doing out there? Where is C.P.S.?

    • Kids that get in trouble don’t pay any attention to curfews. They couldn’t care less, and chances are – neither do their parents.

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