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Antioch: Shell Gas Station Shooting Suspect Arrested, Firearms Recovered

by ECT

The Antioch Police Department reported that on February 15 at 9:45 pm, officers located a suspect in the Shell Gas Station shooting that occurred on February 8.

They located the suspect driving eastbound on Sycamore Drive and a license plate check showed that the car was reported stolen to Stanislaus County Sheriff’s office.

Police say the vehicle was listed as “armed and dangerous” with Lamar Kelley, a 23-year-old male listed as the suspect.

A traffic enforcement stop was conducted, and Lamar Kelley was contacted as the passenger. A 24 year-old female who turned out to be the registered owner of the vehicle was the driver of the vehicle.

Stanislaus County was contacted and it was learned that the registered owner reported that Kelley stole her car after a domestic dispute.

The officer recognized Kelley to be the shooting suspect from the Shell Gas Station video. A loaded pistol was located under the center console of the vehicle. Next to gun was a 10 round magazine, a 17 round magazine and a 30 round magazine. A distinctive sweatshirt was located in the trunk of the vehicle that Kelley was wearing at the time of the shooting.

Kelley was also found to have an outstanding arrest warrant for a previous Antioch shooting that occurred in 2016.

He was arrested without incident and sent to County Jail

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