Antioch Set to Discuss Hiring “Unhoused Resident Coordinator” at $120k Per Year


On Tuesday, the Antioch City Council is set to discuss the hiring of a “Unhoused Resident Coordinator” with a salary range of up to $120k per year.

According to the agenda, the council will discuss three action items:

  1. Approve the class specification of Unhoused Resident Coordinator
  2. Assign the Unhouses Resident Coordinator classification to a salary range and placing this salary range on the hourly classification salary schedule
  3. Authorizing the appropriate budget adjustments.

This comes at a time when the City Council will be discussing possible ideas of how to reduce the number of homeless in the city which included immediate recommendations:

  • Safe Parking Lot
  • RV/Trailer parking locations (public/private)
  • Conestoga Hut/Tuff Shed Cabins
  • Master leasing agreements with hotel/motel rooms
  • Rent fairground trailer park when not in use
  • Identify locations

According to the Fiscal Impact, the position would be part-time with an hourly salary of $50-$60 per hour which is not to exceed $120k per year and will be funded through the general fund.

In comparison, a CORE Outreach Specialist with Contra Costa County makes $16.00 to $17.31 an hour. Meanwhile, an Antioch Police Lateral Office makes $46.56 to $56.60 per hour while a police trainer officer makes $31.80 an hour. An Antioch Community Service Officer makes $24.24-$29.47 an hour.

The position was suggested after a series of meetings by the Homeless Encampment Task Force which was led by Mayor Pro Tem Joy Motts and Councilman Lamar Thorpe.

The Unhoused Resident Coordinator would assist unhoused individuals and families in transitioning into permanent housing by developing an unhoused network/collaborative and a database identifying services currently being offered to unhoused individuals and families and the organizations providing those services. The Unhoused Resident Coordinator would also assist in providing a coordinated plan/response to immediate public health concerns involving Contra Costa County Health Services, Public Works, Police Department, Community Development and/or other staff as necessary.

The salary range and part-time cost of this position is similar to the salary range and part-time cost of the Youth Services Network Manager position.

The City of Berkeley currently has a homeless services coordinator position which pays up to $122k per year. In Los Angeles, the homeless prevention coordinator position pays between $56,446 to $81,847 per year.

The agenda also provided the description of what the coordinator would be responsible for.


Under general supervision of the City Manager or designee, initiate and cultivate collaborative partnerships with agencies and groups that work with or provide services/support to the unhoused in the City in order to develop an unhoused network/collaborative. Advocate for housing services to the community at large


The following duties are typical for this classification. Incumbents may not perform all of the listed duties and/or may be required to perform additional or different duties from those set forth below to address business needs and changing business practices.

  1. Develop an unhoused resident services network/collaborative (including database and memorandums of understanding) of public/private agencies, nonprofits, community-based organizations that serve unhoused individuals and families.
  2. Coordinate plan/response to immediate public health concerns identified by task force and community in collaboration with Contra Costa County Health Services, public works, police department, community development and/or city staff as necessary.
  1. For immediate public health challenges develop initial cost and ongoing operation cost estimates, and determine potential locations for portable restrooms, mobile showers, laundry facilities (mobile, lease/rent), sharps disposal, dumpsters for trash for the unhoused.
  1. For immediate shelter/safety develop list of potential locations, initial and operational cost estimates, and determine locations for automobile/RV/Trailer parking (public/private), Conestoga Hut, Tuff Shed cabins (community build), refurbished shipping containers, ready built tiny homes, master leasing agreement hotel/motel rooms, rental of fairground trailer park when not in use, or other types of shelter opportunities.
  1. Develop and implement a plan for temporary shelter and safety (i.e. parking areas, private/public lands, hotel/motel leasing agreements, etc.) until the production of the City’s transitional housing program including implementation and operational costs.
  1. Work with network to identify services gaps, redundancy, and opportunities for growth.
  1. Explore appropriate models of quality unhoused services and programs and provide recommendations for what would best meet Antioch’s needs.
  1. Coordinate the delivery of a successful transitional/permanent housing program to house Antioch’s unhoused residents.
  1. Provide strategic guidance to City Manager and periodic updates to the Homeless Encampment Task Force Committee and City Council in the implementation of the progress of the network.
  2. Identify funding costs and prospective philanthropic opportunities in and outside of Antioch.
  1. Attend community events to provide education and advice to community members on the unhoused.
  1. Strong written and verbal communication skills to deliver public presentations and staff reports to City Council.
  1. Prepares spreadsheets, reports and correspondence as required.
  1. Perform related duties as required.

If You Go

Antioch City Council Meeting
Tuesday Sept, 10 at 7:00 pm
Antioch Community Center
4703 Lone Tree Way, Community Hall A
Antioch CA


  1. I can only hope the community is smart enough not to focus on this position and salary but what this person will be responsible for which is implementing plans by Motts & Thorpe for a homeless RV/Trailer parking, Tuff shed cabins on city owned property, paying for hotel rooms, and other handouts. Wake up Antioch and recall these idiots. When my lease is up downtown, I am gone for good and going to another city.

  2. Whoever votes in favor of this job I will campaign against in the next election. This is a giant waste of money and waste of time. I am sure if the State of California, San Francisco, Oakland and Sacramento cannot solve this problem with their large budgets, I am sure someone making $120k cannot solve this problem. More pandering for votes by Thorpe and Motts. They are not what Antioch needs going into the future. Vote them out.

    • I’m with you on that one. 100%! Motts and Thorpe want to make this city even more BLIGHTED than it already is. The ONLY way to handle this problem of the “unhoused” (stupid moniker, if there ever was one) is to identify where these people came from and SEND THEM BACK VIA GREYHOUND on which they arrived here. Problem solved!

      • Actually, that $120,000.00 dollars could go along way for train and bus tickets. It might even reduce the problem over half. Send them to the sanctuary cities that lead California’s far left. They do it to Antioch.

      • Wow how disappointed I am with the unchristian remarks about the homeless. Your rudeness and hate is sad. Homeless people contain vet’s, professional people who are down on their luck.yes some are just taking advantage of our City. Your ignorance is showing up on these comments

        • I’m JEWISH, not Christian.. . . and professional people should have been paying attention to what was going on economically and socially. Maybe they should have vehemently protested to their congressmen and senators about all the H1-B visas awarded to foreigners who took their jobs. These were jobs which our AMERICAN professionals had for years and at which they EXCELLED! On top of that, our American workers were forced to TRAIN these foreigners. Something I would REFUSE to do.

          • Yes! UCSF was doing that starting in 2016. Many of our American tech workers were given the boot. Our people were indeed highly trained and great producers. Some wound up having to live with relatives and others were put out on the street.

            Why in the world would anyone demand that they train their replacements? I would tell UCSF to go to hell before I so much as even lay my eyes on the replacement.

  3. It’s been proven they can’t manage their own life. What the hell, waist the tax payer money on somebody that might actually do the job.

  4. Wake up Antioch. All of these council people need to Go and the next election we have a chance. The irresponsible spending of this council will weigh heavy on tax payers a long time.

  5. God help us. The people sitting in conference rooms thinking all this up really need to get out and talk to the people that work with this population everyday. They really think this is the big answer to the homeless problem out here? Hiring someone to put together tuff shed villages, needle disposal locations, mobile showers and port-a-potty’s. As opposed to putting money into residential D&A and dual Dx treatment prgms, MH services and job/vocational training? How about aggressive case management? Really actually helping people get clean, sober and their lives together so they can feel good about themselves and maintain a household! How about transitional housing AFTER someone is in a position to be able to mentally maintain a household? Monitored and case managed and working towards permanent housing. If more space and services with no treatment or personal accountability worked then Oakland and SF wouldn’t have encampments all over and mid evil diseases brewing from people literally shitting on the sidewalks….right next to the port-a-potty and designated space that is.

    • I spoke with quite a number of homeless for the last couple of month and the majority said they do not want to be housed, but much prefer to live outdoors and don’t want anyone telling them what to do and how to live. They don’t want any “rules” applied.

    • The term “Unhoused Resident Coordinator” is not our word, its what they came up with. In fact, they don’t want anyone to use the word “homeless” anymore. In fact, Councilwoman Monica Wilson stated at the last council meeting that the community needed to get used to saying the term “unhoused residents” versus “homeless”.

      • No, no, Burk! You missed Regina’s post. She said that it sounds like the COORDINATOR is “unhoused” as well as the those he or she will be “coordinating.” Isn’t the English language ambiguous?

        I don’t care what Monica Wilson wants. When I attend the meeting, I plan use the term “HOMELESS” or “BUMS” right to her face! Who made her language tsar …. or tsarina? The nerve of these people!

      • I think the good councilwoman Monica Wilson will have to get used to the words, “YOUR’RE FIRED!” come next election.

  6. These corrupt and incompetent council members must be VOTED OUT!!! They just gave themselves a 70% raise and now they want to waste more tax payer $$$ on the so called unhoused residents. Get a clue Antioch…. Businesses are leaving, tax paying citizens are leaving, but criminals & substance abusers are taking over. It’s a damn shame what is happening to this city.

  7. Oh, I’m sure the hotels/motels will just be delighted to house these people which will keep their paying guests as far away from them as possible. So great for business.

    Maybe Motts and Thorpe can just put up tents in their yards and also take a large number of these “unhoused” people into their houses.

    Been to Los Angeles lately? You might take a tour of it and see what a mess that place has become. There are over $80,000 “unhoused” in LA County and they are experiencing a typhoid and typhus fever epidemic and new strain of TB. Check with the LA County Health Department on that. LA has several coordinators and there have been no changes. Things have actually gotten worse.

    What the Antioch city council people need to do is solicit emails from individuals suggesting ideas as to how to deal with this very serious problem and is intensifying.

  8. The salary is too high and so is the city managers paycheck. I’ll be changing who I vote for or maybe I’ll run myself. I can’t do any worse than these guys. The Council spent money on a marketing campaign to up Antioch’s image and then opened 3 marijuana businesses. I’m confused!

    • The reason Antioch has become such a failure as s city is because of totally incompetent people being elected to comprise the city council. The city has gone down the tubes so fast from what it used to be when my great-grandparents lived here in the mid-1950’s 1960’s. When you think it couldn’t get any worse, it does get even worse! It’s actually unrecognizable.

      This is the same thing that happened to OAKLAND after WWII ……. down hill all the way!

      First thing to start the reversal process: Get rid of the Section 8 idiocy! That’s what started the downward spiral.

  9. WAKE UP ANTIOCH. You have Lamar Thorpe as the ringleader of 3 liberal ass voters who are bringing Berkeley like policies to Antioch. Monica and Joy do whatever Lamar wants. Lamar doesn’t even think Antioch belongs with the Delta but instead be grouped with San Francisco. Just look up his past and you will see he should never be elected. He is not going to fool anyone come 2020.

    Thorpe, Motts and Wilson must go. If you are unhappy with Antioch now, give them 4 more years and you will be very unhappy.

  10. WAKE UP ANTIOCH. You have Lamar Thorpe as the ringleader of 3 liberal ass voters who are bringing Berkeley like policies to Antioch. Monica and Joy do whatever Lamar wants. Lamar doesn’t even think Antioch belongs with the Delta but instead be grouped with San Francisco. Just look up his past and you will see he should never be elected. He is not going to fool anyone come 2020.

    Thorpe, Motts and Wilson must go. If you are unhappy with Antioch now, give them 4 more years and you will be very unhappy.

  11. Can’t believe that salary for starters for a bunch of hopeless drug addicts that choose to be on the street. Now, they will have even more money to shoot up with. Their logo should be changed: “Antioch for the Hopeless Drug Addicts.” That money should go to APD. I will not vote ton reelect the clueless council members either and would like to see them all go but Lori. This will just turn into LA’s skid row with the sheds used for drug dealing and crime with again zero police support. We need council members who want to atrract real businesses and services to Antiioch, not only non-profit opportunities. That latest newspaper ad so lame. Boo City Council for even thinking you have money for this. Losers!

  12. The $100,000+ and the $8,000+ monthly amount the city council has voted for itself, should go to hiring more police officers for Antioch. These are OUR tax-generated dollars and it’s the public which should have a say to where this money is to be allocated. This also includes the OUTRAGEOUS salary being paid to Antioch’s city manager. Totally, mind-boggling!

  13. Homeless people should be called “unhoused.” Homeless shelters should be called “navigation centers.” It isn’t just Antioch city government – it’s the whole “progressive” left wing that dominates Calfornia. Never call anything what it is. Not only do they think they should tell us what to do, they think they’re also entitled to tell us how to speak and think. No wonder those that can are leaving this great state.

    • I think Monica Wilson and the other two are looking for a confrontation and that’s what they will get. Dictating which words people should use to describe a situation and participants, does sit well with voters at all.

  14. Oh Boy! Unbelievable! Following in San Francisco and LA’s footsteps. Next will be the “poop app”. I’m not in the city any longer, but hate to see it ruined. The public needs to attend the meetings and vote for the right people. Anyone can see what direction this is going. Good luck!

  15. Unreal how our neighborhoods are a mess no landscaping, section 8 housing, illegal vehicles parked everywhere including front lawns, etc. Antioch citizens who work hard everyday and yearn to feel good about their choice to live here have to put up with this nonsense. Please, lets have some good candidates who will put the taxpayers first. Vote all these bums out, trust me they are narcissistic in feeling they have welfare vote that will win them another term. Must vote them out!

  16. These corrupt council members are failing the citizens of this city. Please consider attending the meeting this Tuesday so we can make our voices heard.The only way we can change the direction of this city is if we stand up to these corrupt & incompetent leaders.

    • Unfortunately, I can’t be at that meeting because I am working from 3 pm to midnight. If I were to attend, I would probably be kicked out for just ripping into these council people like they’ve never been ripped to before.

  17. If someone objects to the homeless not being referred to as such, may the word “Tented” might be a good moniker.

  18. Most of these “unhoused” people are not from Antioch. They are either from out of town or out of state. Why not move them to another city within CA — a city which has the space and a much lower cost of living than we have here. Very few of them will want to get jobs anyway or are even capable of holding any job. Let them apply for welfare and get evaluated if they can get any funds to help them function with their mental illness.

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