Antioch Set to Approve Spending $150k on Homeless Services


On Tuesday, the Antioch City Council will vote to amend the fiscal year budget by allocating $150k to a newly created Homeless Services account within the City Manager budget.

The move comes after the City Council had created a Homeless Encampment Ad-Hoc Committee which provided a series of recommendations to the full council on both short-term and long-term solutions to address homelessness in the city.

During the October 22 City Council meeting, the council went through a laundry list of items to address the quality of life within the city and the homeless.

The list for quality of life came out to $50k which includes:

  • $5k – Dumpster & Sharps Containers
  • $5k – Portable Toilets
  • $10k – Portable Shower Units
  • $20k – Laundry Services
  • $10k – Miscellaneous

The list for Immediate Short-term Housing came out to $100k which includes:

  • $10k – Motel Services
  • $35k – Safe Parking Lots
  • $45k – Warming Centers
  • $10k – Miscellaneous

According to the staff report, the purpose behind the $20k for miscellaneous is for any unforeseen overages.

During the discussion, the council opted to discuss long-term transitional and permanent housing until they bring on a Homeless Services Coordinator (Unhoused Resident Coordinator). The council also opted against warming centers as that projected cost was $250k for a program that would serve 15-20 people.

By creating this specific fund, they hope to improve accountability on spending and simplify accounting of expenditures for these purposes.

Back in September, the Council agreed to spend $100k on an Unhoused Resident Coordinator (consultant).

If You Go:
Antioch City Council Meeting
Nov. 12 at 7:00 pm
Antioch Community Center
4703 Lone Tree Way
Antioch, CA 94531
Full Agenda


  1. Cannot wait until 2020 when we can vote these clowns out. This will bring more homeless to the area and create a bigger need and drain on our budget. Copying the failed practices of San Francisco, Oakland and San Jose and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity.

    • what is your solution then? ok so far the city has done nothing and now they are doing something but you still complain with no solution any ideas? the only thing the city didnt do is go sit with the homelss for a week and see what their input would be to solve this problem… the ideas from terri house are general ideas and wont solve antiochs homeless problems and the dumpsters and bathrooms are rediculous and dont sove squat what is needed are programs,a place for the homeless to call a small home to atleast keep warm brush his teeth and get dressed to go to work and mental health services also, but we lack facilities like this having a dumpster and a needle box is not going to be a solution.

      • Jerry, the SOLUTION is to send the out-of-state homeless BACK TO THEIR OWN STATES from which their people bought them ONE-WAY tickets on Greyhound to deposit them here in our state. People who have lived here for a long time and know a lot of others, DO NOT RECOGNIZE their faces. We, as taxpayers, cannot afford to take care of those from other states. That’s THEIR responsibility. I’ve spoken with quite a few of them and found out they were from Tennessee, Pennsylvania, New York, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Colorado, etc. They will furnish this information depending on how you ask it.

      • The city of San Francisco now has a successful program called HOMEWARD BOUND where they buy one-way tickets on buses and trains to ship the homeless back to their home states. It’s the responsibility of the home states to take care of their own people, not the California taxpayer who is already overburdened. Now, with more and more native Californians leaving the state, there will be less and less tax revenue to use. Many people are leaving because of the crime, horrendous traffic jams and changing demographics and who can blame them. Most of my relatives have moved and they were paying very high taxes.

  2. Just where are these safe parking lots going to be? I do not see anywhere in another of these links where the city has identified the locations. You should be including these ECT so the public can know what is coming.

  3. The city is Watsing that money…all they are doing is enabling the homeless to do what they been doing and nothing will change once the money is gone and the city figures out 250k went straight down the friggin drain.. the homeless peoples urine,shit and trash is all over antiochs parks and streets..its ridiculous… while us taxpaying citizens foot their bill…thats the stupidest shit ever…way to go antioch council..

  4. How do we stop these crazy Antioch City Council people from blowing OUR TAX DOLLARS on this stupid project? We have enough problems to deal with that the money could resolve! What about getting a court order from a judge to make them cease and desist?

    • I agree! The idiotic City Council members need to be stopped! NOW! This is exactly the opposite of what they should be doing. Spend that money on sending these people back to their own states!

  5. 100K on WHAT ??
    That money should be spent on the people who actually are on the ground helping to bring some sort of life and decency to our brothers and sisters on the street. ShowerHouse Ministries, Kingdom Worship Ministries and Cornerstone . Get the idea think out of the box and not just do as dumber and dumb dumb SFO & OAK.

  6. Virtue Signalling by our City Council…all or most looking to get the blessing of their Democrat State Chair for their next higher office. The Mayor as usual shows minus leadership,still haven’t seen much of him since he dressed as a clown on rollerskates for the 4th of July…now im really wondering what he does.Does anyone at ECT have proof that this dude is even alive?

  7. “Build it and they will come”. Somehow I doubt this will turn Antioch into a field of dreams… more like turn Antioch into SF with it’s homeless issues…

  8. If you can’t attend tonight’s City Council meeting and want to comment about this, send an email to [email protected] and the Mayor will read your comments into the record,

    • Arne,
      What good would that do for someone to read it into the record. Just more smoke and mirrors in Antioch. What about doing instead of reading and accomplish something worth while. Election Day will deliver my comments not some email.

    • Hey Arne! How many times have we presented this to the City Council? And they STILL don’t get it. We DO NOT want our tax dollars spent on housing people who do not belong here in the first place! No one recognizes them as being Antioch residents. Most are from other states sent here because their own state doesn’t want to spend the money to house them! Is that so difficult for you and the Council to understand?

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