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Antioch School District Superintendent Contract Extended Through 2020

by ECT
Stephanie Anello

On Wednesday, the Antioch Unified School District Board of Trustees approved employment agreement extensions with the Superintendent, Associate Superintendent and Chief Human Resources Office.

In a 3-2 vote with Trustees Walter Ruehlig, Gary Hack and Diane Gibson-Gray voting in support of the extension, the Employment Agreements for Stephanie Anello, Superintendent; Adam Clark, Associate Superintendent, Educational Services; and Jessica Romeo, Chief Human Resources Officer. Trustees Debra Vinson and Chrystal Sawyer-White opposed.

The agreements included a 2-year extension through 2020 with a 2% raise this year along with a 1% raise next year–the same increase given to staff.

Vinson stated she wanted to go on record on why she opposed the contract extensions.

“I would be happy extending the contracts one year until we have our budgets and everything finalized and I feel fairly confident that we are stabilizing as a district monetarily,” said Vinson. “I would accept an additional year, but I will not accept two-years because that would mean the contract would be for three-years.”

Sawyer-White questioned if this was a joint raise and not individual l saying they had to vote on all three employees.

Romeo stated the Board could do as they choose but they were brought before the Board as a single line item which were all identical except what step an employee was on and what their salary was increase to.

Gibson-Gray asked for clarity that should employment not work out, what would be the maximum payout for each.

Romeo explained that for Superintendent Anello, it’s a 9-month payout while she and Clark would get six-month payouts while highlighting the added years do not buy them any additional buyout time.

Ruehlig asked what was the typical contract extension to which staff replied three year in Contra Costa and Alameda County.

  • Under the agreement, Anello will be employed as Superintendent through June 30, 2020 which includes a 2% increase making her salary $230,459. Effective July 1, 2017 her salary shall be increased to $238,582. All other terms, covenants and conditions of her Employment agreement remain in full force and effect.
  • Under the agreement, Associate Superintendent Adam Clark will be employed through June 30, 2020 which includes a 2% increase to his $193,877. Effective July 1, 2017 his salary will be increased $200,711.
  • Under the agreement, Jessica Romeo, AMA Senior Management who will also receive a 2% raise from her $208,784 salary. Effective July 1, she will be compensated at $216,144.

For a copy of the board document, click here.

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