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Antioch School Board Aims to Talk Use of Force, Social Media, Censure and Other Policies

by ECT
Antioch Unified School District

On Wednesday, the Antioch Unified School District Board of Trustees could be in for a long night as several items are set to be discussed.

Here is an overview of the meeting:

  • 6:00 pm – Public Employee Performance Evaluation: Superintendent (Stephanie Anello)

Items for information/Discussion/Action by Board

District-wide Use of Force Policies and Procedures

Within the Board Packet, the board will discuss use of force while being provided with multiple documents to review which includes

This item returns after Board President Ellie Householder called for a special meeting on District-Wide use of Force procedures after a video surfaced at Antioch High School. At the Sept. 2 meeting, the Board punted the item for up to 60-days due to lack of information available of the alleged fighting on campus and interaction with school security and Antioch Police–the District statement can be viewed by clicking here.

After more than 60-pages of public comments and discussion, the Board voted 4-1 (Householder dissenting) to table the Use of Force Item for 60-days so they can close the investigation of the Antioch High School incident, gather District policy, Education Code Policy and possible law enforcement policy regarding use of force and safety plans.

According to a Public Records Request to the Antioch Unified School District, however, it appears that there was no genuine outrage over use of force, but a request to create conflict directed by Antioch Mayor Lamar Thorpe.  In an email (see below)  the assistant to Thorpe is seen asking Householder to begin gathering letters from parents on the incident–full story can be viewed here.


Board Policy on the Use of Social Media by Trustees (Rocha)

Trustee Rocha would like the Board to discuss the use of social media by Board Trustees. The board is provided with two documents for review.

According to both documents, there is no specific Board Policy on use of social media. However, many cities across the State of had to create policy with regards to how elected officials behave on social media platforms from sharing of content to blocking/removing comments based off state public access laws. Many cities have had to create policy for elected officials as well as appointed commissioners can do with their official social media accounts used for official business–in fact, Irvine paid out $40k after a resident was blocked, while they spent another $80k in legal fees on the case.


Censure of Board President Ellie Householder (Rocha)

Trustee Rocha is requesting that the Board censure President Householder for her escalating negativity towards District parents, teachers, and staff that is unbecoming of a School Board Trustee.


Board Governance Consultant (Anello)

At the request of the Board, staff has identified three consultant that are qualified to assist the Board in governance and the evaluation of the Superintendent.

This item comes before the board after discussion from the Sept. 22 meeting after Board President Householder began unilaterally removed items from the agenda, failing to recognize board members, failing to follow Roberts Rules of Order and even possibly breaking the Brown Act while running a meeting.


Policy Regarding Law Enforcement Interaction with Students (Householder)

President Householder requested this item be placed on the agenda for Board discussion. However, no supporting documents or discussion items were provided of how possibly the Antioch Police Department, Oakley Department or Pittsburg Police Department would respond to a campus or interact with students.


Bullying Prevention Policy (Householder)

President Householder requested this item be placed on the item for Board discussion. Again, no supporting documents or discussion items were provided.


Agenda Setting (Householder)

President Householder requested this item be placed on the agenda so the Board can review the current agenda Board Policy. Its unclear what items will be addressed within the policy.


Meeting Details

Location: Deer Valley High School Theater
4700 Lone Tree Way, Antioch, CA 94531
Closed Session: 6:00 p.m.
Open Session: 7:00 p.m.
Full Agenda: Click here.

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Robert C. Oct 25, 2021 - 7:04 pm

This Board claims to be concerned about students’ academic performance but focuses on misplaced “social engineering” instead. Householder, at a minimum, needs to be shown the door.

Loretta Sweatt Oct 30, 2021 - 12:19 pm

How does the Mayor and Householder answer this question: “What would “YOU” do? or What would “YOU” want done? if someone were threatening to “ATTACK YOU”, or actually “ATTACKING YOU” ? What would “YOU DO” or want done? Stop passing the buck! And put your own self and safety out there!

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