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Antioch Resident Seeks Help in Identifying Package Thief

by ECT

On Friday, a package thief was caught on camera stealing a package from a home in Antioch.

The incident occurred at 1:44 pm on Rockford Drive in Antioch. The suspect was described as a black adult male in his 20’s to 30’s with a shaved head. he was driving a white sedan, possibly a VW Jetta.

For video, https://ring.com/share/2232034570

The Antioch Police Department is investigating the case. If you recognize this suspect, please contact Antioch police at (925) 778-2441 and reference case #T17-0384.



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Nick Feb 26, 2017 - 5:32 pm

Take preventive measures. Stay on top of your tracking numbers.

Gabe Ganz Mar 4, 2017 - 7:47 am

im missing a package that says delivered on the 17th……and I live on Rockford dr……this town has just gone to hell ever since the idiots in city council approved all the damn low income housing in Antioch!!!! All they want is a free ride, everything given too them, leech off the system in every way possible even scam that too, never work a real job thier entire life and have no plans to do so! just sell drugs, steal and rob shit from the good hard working citizens that EARN thier shit with hard work and dedication, but these mother fuckers dont give a shit because thier fucking animals! Every store you go to or 7-11 or supermarket is just flooded with them, all loud, 400 kids runnin around the place with no fucking discipline just being raised like animals for another generation to stay dug in like ticks and spread like a disease throughout the city. Ive seen it happen over the last 15 yrs…but just in the last 5 yrs it just became a lost cause and people dont even want to let thier kids go outside or to public schools if they can help it! All the methadone bums hanging out everywhere begging for change and all the crime thats everywhere……the fucking punks everywhere causing problems….I mean look at Deer Valley High School, Its a damn shithole now and that a pretty new school! Good job assholes! Thanks for flooding the city with these fuckin people….They might as well rename the city “NEW OAKLAND”.
This city is a lost fucking cause at this point…..anyone who is a real original should follow my lead and sell your fucking house and move OUT OF STATE!
For instance I witnessed a female in her early 20’s….come in 7-11 and buy a slurpee cup before she filled it…..with a FOODSTAMP card with a bunch of fucking sugar junk food, chips, donuts, candy, and then her and her band of pack mentality animals sit there bullshitting over nonsense….wait till were the only ones in the store, wait till the clerk turns around ( and im watching them on the slybecause I knew something was off) and walk over to the SODA machine and fill the cup full of ice real quick and the Grossly obese fat bitch turns and looks to see if its still clear and screams super loud, throws her fucking cup so rediculously fake looking in the air so ice flys everywhere, and throws herself on the floor and yells she slipped!!!! WTF?? I couldnt believe it, and she fucking went the full 10 yards and grabbing her ankle and knee saying she slipped on melted ice (LMFAO) made an incident report and even waited for an ambulance to take her fat fucking stinky ass to the hospital!! Fucking scam for a free paycheck is all she did or was attempting to do…..it ,makes me fucking sick man. No integrity, no respect, or honor, or dignity….just fucking wild animals that need to be put down. ALL OF THEM!
Another instance I witnessed at winco while grabbing a few groceries with CASH I EARNED WORKING A J-O-B…and there is this TYPICAL fucking huge stinky fat welfare animal with her hair done and tacky ass huge fingernails all done up, in line at the next checkstand with (and this is no exaggeration!) 4 FULL OVERFLOWING CARTS OF FOOD ITEMS MOSTLY JUNK SUGAR FOODS, and on her OBAMA PHONE talking to obviously a female system leech animal on the other end, saying….and let me point out she was loud as they always are…. while her fucking 3 dozen loud ass wild animal pups (kids) were running around all over, climbing shit, messing displays up, opening and taking a bite of candy and putting it back, and she says..”GIRL YOU NEED TO COME OUT HERE TO ANTIOCH THEY GIMME A BIG NICE HOUSE IN A NICE NEIGHBORHOOD, CELL PHONES, MEDICAL, THEY GIVE MY KIDS ALL THE CLOTHES AND STUFF THEY NEED FOR SCHOOL, AND YOU EVEN GET FREE FOOD GIRL LIKE RITE NOW IM AT THE STORE WITH 4 CART OF FOOD GIRL …..YOU GET EVERYTHING AND I AINT GOTTA DO NOTHIN AND ITS SO EASY.”……….and this bitch pays for it all with food stamps. And I see this every fucking day….at any fucking place I go in Antioch and I know everyone else does too and if anyone reads this and thinks its out of line or you disagree with it or are offended by this….then you are either in complete denial and disconnect yourself with reality…..or your a hermit and dont leave your house, or……your one of the fucking scumbag wild animal system leeches that migrated to Antioch that is the disease of society that im referring to in my entry.
No one else has the balls to say it, but i do, and i will, and I just did. The truth hurts, but its reality and this fucking state, county, and city enable these mother fuckers to have no reason to change or be anything else but fucking animals that breed more animals.
And one of these days, and hopefully sooner than later, a vigilante extermination group will form and eliminate the wild animal infestation one way or another for the sake of thier children and neighbors because its on your fucking doorstep at this very moment. its in your fucking home taking all your shit or beating your elderly parents to death for $10 at this very moment. Its stealing your car out of your driveway at this very moment. Its at the park murdering your fucking child at this very moment. Its taking its sweet fucking time crossing the street on purpose or arguing at the top of thier voice and inconveniencing everyone else in the store just to scam a few bucks off they cant pay or want for free because they think everything is OWED to them.
Wake the fuck up people! Quit being cowards and looking the other way and telling yourself its not your problem and do something! Secure and monitor your homes. Arm yourselves responsibly at home and away…..open carry is what the fuck people need to do, and its your legal constitutional rite!. And dont be afraid or hesitate to draw or fire on these fucking animals for breaking ANY fucking law whether it be legal or moral! They will never learn or be deterred by killing them because thier fucking pack animals but at least there will be one less! Cheers!

Nick Mar 4, 2017 - 7:50 pm

We don’t live in Antioch, but you’re coming across as very low class yourself. Couldn’t get past the first two paragraphs.

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