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Antioch Ranked Most Miserable City in San Francisco Bay Area

by ECT

According to Business Insider, a recently released list of the Most Miserable Cities in the United States, Antioch was the first one to come up in the San Francisco Bay Area making it the Most Miserable City in the Bay Area.

Antioch was ranked at 211 out of 1,000 cities and could have been the most miserable in Northern California if not for Yuba City being ranked at 159.

This comes at a time when the city of Antioch is spending nearly a $1 million on branding its city to attract residents and businesses through marketing and media ad buys.

Meanwhile, neighboring cities to Antioch appear less miserable as Pittsurg came in at 407, Oakley at 783, and Brentwood at 846.

According to Business Insider:

We’ve identified the 50 most miserable cities in the US, using census data from 1,000 cities, taking into consideration population change (because if people are leaving it’s usually for a good reason), the percentage of people working, median household incomes, the percentage of people without healthcare, median commute times, and the number of people living in poverty. (See the data and how we weighted it here.)

Here is a look at other notable cities from Northern California and where they ranked on the list of Most Miserable Cities:

  • Merced at 213
  • Stockton at 231
  • Richmond at 239
  • Vallejo at 247
  • Modesto at 324
  • Pittsburg at 407
  • Concord at 411
  • San Leandro at 419
  • Lodi at 445
  • Santa Rosa 456
  • Turlock at 468
  • Tracy at 472
  • Sacramento at 497
  • Walnut Creek at 543
  • Vacaville at 605
  • Napa at 636
  • Fairfield at 640
  • San Jose at 723
  • Oakley at 783
  • San Ramon at 806
  • Brentwood at 846
  • Danville at 853
  • Livermore at 862
  • Pleasanton at 920
  • Dublin at 977

For the full list: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1j1L19LB3T3uldlkW8OsJ_JyFq-f8yPBYWXLj752hBHA/edit#gid=1188779382

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Troy Oct 2, 2019 - 7:35 am

We’re number one, we’re number one, we’re number one!!!!!!

Anne Oct 4, 2019 - 2:50 am

Lol ? ? ? Well, they say that about Antioch now…. But everyone will be flocking here in no time! Great weather, beautiful homes, new businesses and Mt. Diablo.

Felicia Kelley Oct 8, 2019 - 3:25 am

Antioch sucks
Highway 4 sucks
It’s unbelievably hot for no damn reason!!!

Loretta Sweatt Oct 12, 2019 - 9:52 am

I think Antioch is a beautiful place to live. Whoever wrote that article was bias, maybe a racist too. I can’t imagine who they interviewed or what their criteria was for making those remarks. It’s absurd. I TOTALLY DISAGREE! LOVE ANTIOCH, LOVE THE ANTIOCH POLICE DEPARTMENT, LOVE THE ANTIOCH CITY COUNCIL, LOVE THE STORES, IT’S ALL GOOD!

Simonpure Oct 2, 2019 - 8:58 am

Define miserable. I am far from it. Not miserable at all.

Sorcerer Oct 4, 2019 - 4:20 pm

You misconstrued the whole thing. The study didn’t say that the residents of Antioch were miserable. They said the CITY of Antioch is miserable. Big difference!

Loretta Sweatt Oct 12, 2019 - 9:53 am

what’s the difference? is the CITY a person?

Shawn W Oct 15, 2019 - 7:06 pm

Why call someone out with such a blatantly incorrect correction? Actually you misconstrued it. Did you read what made the cities qualify for this list? It was the amount of people in poverty, people without healthcare, people without bla bla bla. It’s not that the city itself is feeling miserable, as you say. How exactly would Antioch, the city, feel this misery? Cuz Antioch shouldn’t feel misery! So I want to help make the city feel happy again! Smh

Matt Oct 2, 2019 - 9:08 am

The City Council members are not miserable. They just gave themselves a 70% raise!

Julio Oct 2, 2019 - 10:01 am

That “branding” is really working.

Keenan Fincher Oct 2, 2019 - 10:37 am

I used to live in Oakland and currently work in Oakland and Antioch came in worst than Oakland?

Khalil Attiba Oct 2, 2019 - 6:33 pm

Not worst but most miserable

Max Mace Oct 5, 2019 - 6:08 pm

Oakland used to be a great city, but it was ruined after WW2! It never recovered!

Mike G Oct 2, 2019 - 11:16 am

Until we get a city council that starts to reinvest in our neighborhoods through code enforcement, traffic enforcement, speed bumps, etc. It will NEVER change. School scores are another issue, until the mission/vision changes, help keep Antioch at the bottom.

C Mee Oct 2, 2019 - 5:35 pm

We also need residents to care about where they live. The condition of homes, deferred maintenance, brown lawns, 8 cars at some homes, litter, no code enforcement, ineffective leadership, little to no police presence, all combine to make the city very unwelcoming and is far from the city I moved to 28 years ago. I’m throwing in the towel and moving as soon as fiscally possible. #imissthewayitwas

Maria Oct 2, 2019 - 11:39 am

I’m mortified to read this news ! I have been a residence of Antioch for more almost 30 years.
What are our City Managers / Elected Officials say about this, any plans to improve our City ? Need to know now.

Chris Mills Oct 3, 2019 - 5:21 pm

Maria, try talking with people who have lived in Antioch for 60 years and how they watched a nice town start to deteriorate because of some stupid actions of the people they elected to represent them and whom they couldn’t get rid of because developers made sure that they stayed on the councils.

MR Oct 4, 2019 - 11:07 am

Bingo! You nit the nail on the head!

Michael Watson Oct 2, 2019 - 11:49 am

Antioch is better than that dump San Francisco, not to mention half the country. This article is dumb as hell.

Betty Oct 3, 2019 - 12:53 am

I’ve seen people crapping on the sidewalks in full view of people driving on the major streets! God forbid we see what they do on less traveled roads. While San Francisco is pretty much lost … Antioch is getting there.

Michael Oct 3, 2019 - 1:21 pm

Yeah, idk what part of Antioch you live in, but I’ve never seen anything like that here. Downtown is bad but it ain’t that bad.

Wendy Oct 3, 2019 - 5:25 pm

I saw this around the intersection of Lone Tree Way and Tregallas … right on the sidewalk … pants down facing the street and the traffic … also on Davison and Sunset Lane near the 7-11. Then on A Street on the sidewalk close to the RR tracks.

I was driving with my two kids in the car and they saw it first and pointed it out.

Diana Sands Oct 5, 2019 - 1:52 pm

I have seen that as well. Not in residential areas, but along the main arterial roads like Somersville, Contra Loma, Lone Tree. It’s disgusting! Maybe we should put up kiosks with plastic bag dispensers with trash containers next to them.

Janet Oct 3, 2019 - 10:02 pm

I totally agree with you. What makes a city miserable. Antioch is a beautiful city, we just need to stay United as home owners and we will clean Antioch.

Steve Oct 2, 2019 - 12:44 pm

Sounds about right for Antioch, i can no longer spend my dollars in the city, i travel to Concord or Pleasant Hill for all my shopping needs. Cant stand Antioch with all their homeless and beggars all over the place, rambling on in incoherent english, likely high on meth/heroine that the city is cool with, they seem to love their homeless population.

Victor Oct 3, 2019 - 3:08 am

You are clearly a racist, who makes up a narrative, I live here and have for a long time. I dont know this fantasy of hate that you’re describing.

Lola Saavedra Oct 4, 2019 - 6:56 pm

Victor? So what if he’s a racist. Show me where it states that it’s against the law to be one? We have freedom of speech and expression. If someone doesn’t like it, they can look for another country to move to.

Jacqueline freitas Oct 3, 2019 - 3:37 am

Steve I think Antioch sucks because you live there. Id rather have someone ask for some change then to try and rob me. They say many people are only one check away from being homeless and hopefully your not because then your gonna have to get on meth and start begging incoherently. Antioch sucks because its too hot and boring as hell. All the people who couldn’t afford to stay in the bay area moved to antioch and pittsburg. Antioch shouldn’t even be considered a part of the bay area.

loddie Oct 3, 2019 - 4:04 pm

correct. It shouldn’t be considered the bay area at all. People speak about how San Francisco is filthy and things of that nature which is true due to the homeless crisis unfortunately but when it comes to diversity and it’s just I can’t really explain it but it’s so much more going on in the Bay Area meaning Oakland Berkeley San Francisco things like that so I understand them saying Antioch is the worst city to live in. I use to live in Antioch I hated it the heat for 1 there is not a lot of things to do out there and when it comes to buying food I shop at Whole Foods I have to go all the way to Walnut Creek Concord to do my shopping along with that if I just want to go out and get some good food I have to go to Oakland have or go to Berkeley things like that it’s not a lot to do in Antioch it’s a very long drive especially during commute time and the list goes on.

Kate Cate Oct 6, 2019 - 1:32 am

Jackie! I have a house in Tiburon, but own quite a few properties in Antioch and Pittsburg and those cities ARE in the bay area. Please consult a map!

Woton Oct 2, 2019 - 12:53 pm

When law enforcement is emasculated by political correctness, plus a Section 8 invasion, you get predictable results. The $1 million taxpayer money being wasted on the ad campaign is putting lipstick on a pig.

marty Fernandez Oct 2, 2019 - 7:41 pm

Mr. Mayor: Just because this person used ” lipstick on a pig” doesn’t mean I wrote it. Have not used the term since the last time you beat me down over it. Marty

Richard Oct 3, 2019 - 1:23 am

This city started disintegrating the minute the Section 8 people started moving in. It never recovered. What freakin’ idiot politician came up with that nonsense? He should be drawn and quartered in public.

Dawn Oct 2, 2019 - 1:32 pm

This article is dumb. The last Census was done in 2010 and they are basing this on Census info not on opinions of people who live in these cities. It is all a matter of how they weighted their data.

“We’ve identified the 50 most miserable cities in the US, using census data from 1,000 cities, taking into consideration population change (because if people are leaving it’s usually for a good reason), the percentage of people working, median household incomes, the percentage of people without healthcare, median commute times, and the number of people living in poverty. (See the data and how we weighted it here.)”

Dawn Marie Oct 3, 2019 - 12:57 am

I hope people don’t think this “Dawn” is me … I use DAWN or DAWN MARIE when I post. I agree that this town is the pits and miserable as can be … I too don’t shop here but head for Clayton or Walnut Creek to do it. I don’t even like Concord, except for the Polish deli on Monument.

Victor Oct 3, 2019 - 3:12 am

Dawn your comment would seem to indicate that the cities stores are soon to be out of business because good people like you won’t shop at them. I have an idea, just leave already since it’s so terrible. Think you’re a liar and the sight of people who don’t look like what you think they should look like offends you.

Dawn Marie Oct 3, 2019 - 5:17 pm

Calm down, Victor! Where did I say I lived in Antioch? I don’t shop in Antioch nor dine in it’s restaurants because of the quality of the merchandise and food. I can live anywhere I want and …. own property anywhere I want and yes, I can shop anywhere I want as well.

You’re right! I don’t like being around people who smell bad and don’t take care of their appearance…. and have 6 or more misbehaved kids running and yelling all over the stores over which the parent has no control.

Melinda Oct 6, 2019 - 2:05 am

Why should Dawn Marie leave? I mean, if she lived in Antioch! How about kicking out the troublemakers who don’t belong living near decent people! Or, are you a big fan of criminals taking over a town? Do you personally commiserate with them?

Roxanne Fox Oct 6, 2019 - 11:51 am

Victor! I like to be around people who look like me: tall, slim, blonde with blue eyes and gorgeous creamy skin. So, now you know! I also like to hear the language-of-the-land spoken, even though I’m fluent in 4 languages, but I only use them in the countries I’m visiting.

Victoria Oct 2, 2019 - 2:13 pm

Use to be great…then section 8 ruined it for the whole town.
When Deer Valley was built with open enrollment from Richmond and other towns.

Dylan Howell Oct 2, 2019 - 4:35 pm

I am so tired of this lie and the people who still propagate it. Talk about fake news.

Carpe Oct 3, 2019 - 2:07 pm

Wait, you’re actually trying to say that it’s a “lie” that Antioch was flooded with a disproportionate amount of Section 8, or that DVHS had a huge problem with out-of-district kids attending?

That’s hilarious…gee, nothing unusual at all about a city that was 10% black having a brand-new high school with a student population that was 25% black back in early-to-mid 2000s when this became such a heated issue.

We had friends who sued AUSD because their son (white), a DVHS student, was jumped by a group of black DVHS students adjacent to school grounds. He got a detached retina and bleeding on the brain among other injuries. During discovery phase of the lawsuit, lo and behold they found that nearly all of these kids had enrolled with FRAUDULENT caretaker affidavits, i.e. they were ILLEGALLY attending DVHS. And yes, AUSD agreed to settlement in the “low” millions. But go on, do tell about these “propagated lies”.

AMS Oct 4, 2019 - 3:54 pm

I remember how elated we all were when DVHS was under construction. This meant we didn’t have to go to AHS and be exposed to all it’s problems! Most of the students heading for DVHS were all from nearby middle schools and knew each other.

Then, suddenly, these other kids appeared no one had ever seen! With strange names (TyShawn, DuJuan, LaTrina,ShuBela, etc.) with gang tattoos and dispositions to match. The all had fake “caretaker” affidavits .. fake as an be .. and the idiotic school administrators didn’t catch on!

Many parents took their kids out of DVHS and my parents did the same sending 3 of us to private schools and for that we are eternally appreciative.

Gjoe Oct 5, 2019 - 2:49 pm

This is sad that it happen. You need to see what the DA did about it. The police arrest them the DA says not enough to go on and it is dropped. There again go to the top in Sacramento vote in ones who care and stop the good oh boy.

Loddie Oct 3, 2019 - 4:33 pm

It’s unfortunate that the Section 8 plays apart in the row of people’s comments true enough when cities started accepting low-income Section 8 things in that nature you have different walks of life of people who’s coming in with some issues like everyone it’s just that the one who have section 8 issues shine more than an ordinary person who pays Market rent. What about people who rent and own their homes and their households being just as crazy as someone with a voucher. You all forget that Antioch is and was really cheap to rent and purchase homes and people come out that way to do just that not just section 8. I don’t want to speak low on the low income families and people because we never know that could be us but what I will say Antioch, Modesto, Stockton, Brentwood, Pittsburg all of the valleys that rent is really cheap not only is low-income interested in moving out in those areas but also working class family who pay Market rent because of the market it’s skyrocketing that causes families and individuals to move further out to secure with a roof over their head and the cheap rent versus paying high rent in cities such as Oakland San Francisco Walnut Creek Berkeley I live in Walnut Creek and I love it. I lived in Oakland and I loved it I’m from the city and loved it. Because it’s alot to do in these areas great food great interaction alot of culture of people and foods and so many many places to go and have fun. Yes they have their struggles because they are very large in population and tourist live these cities. Which I cant say the same about Antioch. I never heard of any tourist going out to view Antioch Stockton and etc. Homelessness is crazy right now but it doesn’t stop anyone from going to these cities from different parts of the world to have a good time. No one wants to move out that way because they want too, most of the reasons is because the rent is cheaper and you get more for your buck and thats about it. Antioch has along way to go along with Stockton, Modesto and all them low rent cities. And homeless people are out there too and the struggle is real everywhere and it ain’t gonna get better not right now. Just don’t be quick to judge low income families because White people get section 8 and food stamps like a MF

Lola Saavedra Oct 3, 2019 - 9:53 pm

Loddie, people should go and live where they can AFFORD to live and not mooch off others. Section 8 is an example of how a landlord can get 30% of what his tenant is earning (IF he’s working, that is) and the rest comes from us, the taxpayers. Therefore, we are paying the landlords mortgage and that is totally unfair. Section 8 should have been done away with ages ago!

Martha Oct 4, 2019 - 9:39 pm

Victoria, you’re 100% correct. Antioch started sliding downhill when the Section 8 program started to be implemented here! The city fathers should have said “NO WAY!” to those pushing it. Made is loud and clear that we don’t want that here.

Jim Oct 2, 2019 - 2:18 pm

We are champions my friends….
We’ll keep on slumming till the end…..

Ken Oct 2, 2019 - 2:20 pm

If you look at the numbers, the only thing that really stands out is the horrific commute time. Every other single factor Antioch is actually doing much better than other similarly ranked cities. Antioch has it’s issues, but it sounds like that one outlier variable really screwed them on this.

Charlotte Oct 4, 2019 - 9:46 pm

I know a lot of people who commute for work in San Francisco and the time they spend going back and forth is totally insanity. Why can’t those companies open satellite facilities for workers living in east bay and beyond. They can they can communicate online. The technology is so advanced now that this can easily be done.

Joey Oct 2, 2019 - 4:14 pm

Data suggests that in 2009 it was

“Jessica’s law that turned Antioch into a pedophilers ghetto”.

According to the research.
That just makes me sick.

Pam Oct 2, 2019 - 4:36 pm

This is not true at all. This sounds like Trump..Say anything and think all will believe it…Anytime people of color thrive…then sayanythings come and try to bring them down. Well we dont believe you!! And im calling you out on it as well as all should call trump out on things he says. Antioch is clean and thriving for the better..now is trying to be downgraded and destroyed by the white minority elite which is what they have done from the beginning of mankind. Come on everybody…speak up!

Grace Oct 3, 2019 - 1:18 am

White minority elite? You wish! Just checked the 2019 Antioch population numbers by race:

White – 48,448
Black 22,123
Hispanic and other !5,586

And … exactly what RACE are Hispanics? I thought they were Caucasians

P Oct 3, 2019 - 1:53 am

Grace I don’t think they meant whites are the minority. They meant an elite minority made up of whites.

“Hispanics” are a number of races because “Hispanics” is a made up term used for the census which clumps people into a monolithic identity which actually encompasses many racial identities which include white(European), Native American (indigenous people) and Black (Afro-Latinos are typically placed under the “Hispanic” umbrella)

I hope this helps you and any other confused folks

Lorraine Oct 3, 2019 - 10:00 pm

P .. The so-called “Native” Americans are not indigenous people. They got here via different migrations and killed off the original inhabitants, the Clovis people. Ever hear of The Kennewick Man? A European whose remains were found off the banks of the Columbia River back in the late 1990’s?

Several books were written about that discovery … fascinating accounts.

Debra Welles Oct 6, 2019 - 12:08 pm

Don’t forget the Solutreans, a Stone Age European people who got here over 17,000 years ago. They occupied portions of North America along with the Clovis people and both were pretty much wiped out by the Asians who crossed the land bridge near the Bering Strait. Their skeletal remains showed them to be giants.

D Marcelo Oct 3, 2019 - 2:30 am

Don’t bring Trump into this! He didn’t shut down the movie theater or the Staples. It’s the riff raff or the people playing dice and fighting.Businesses doesn’t want that it doesn’t make money.

PPM Oct 3, 2019 - 2:56 pm

CLEAN…THRIVING??? Hahahahahahaha, that’s milk out the nose hilarious!

Bearman Oct 3, 2019 - 5:34 pm

Those “white minority elite” gave you incredible inventions, fabulous music, fantastic architecture, super drugs to take care of long term illnesses. You should git down on yo’ knees, Sister! and thank God for the “white minority elites” . . . who are also financing welfare aka, your reparations!

Tammy Oct 4, 2019 - 9:48 pm

I like how Trump sounds! That’s PRESIDENT Trump, by the way!

Cynthia Oct 5, 2019 - 1:37 am

I and 300 of my relatives and friends voted for TRUMP because he tells it like-it-is and doesn’t bullshit like other presidents did. Why should we “call him out” when he is describing exactly what is going on in this country.

Antioch is NOT thriving. Far from it. It’s being brought down by the criminal element that has settled here. The “white minority elite” are working on turning this whole thing around. Working on getting more police to help “encourage” the losers to leave. Trump is helping to make this country great again!

Gjoe Oct 5, 2019 - 2:28 pm

Please all of you vote for him again. We need all the help we can get.
Thank you
Please vote

Mark Mason Oct 6, 2019 - 12:15 pm

Met President Trump again at his campaign fundraiser in Portola Valley on September 17th. Fifth time I’ve met him and he never forgets a face. Such a totally fabulous person. When he talks with you, you have his full attention. it’s like there is no other person in the world at that moment and he hears what you’re saying. He’s turning this country around so that it can be great again!

Loretta Sweatt Oct 14, 2019 - 9:06 am

I voted for Trump too and will again! Make America Great Again and Keep My Second Amendment! I also love his rallies!

Richard Oct 6, 2019 - 1:28 am

Pam! I voted for Trump! Why should I “call him out?” He’s doing exactly what I wanted a president to do.

Max Oct 6, 2019 - 10:36 am

PAM! You people have turned this city into a ghetto!

Kathleen Oct 7, 2019 - 11:18 am

So, which people of color are thriving, Pam? By the way, if you don’t like Trump then you shouldn’t have voted for Obama. We have Trump because of Obama and that’s good. Trump is working on undoing the mess Obama made

Bill Moon Oct 2, 2019 - 5:00 pm

The truth hurts Antioch. Maybe now you will vote out these idiots on your city council and rid yourself of a no balls city manager who doesn’t put his city council in check for stupid behavior and drunk sailor like spending. Maybe now people will wake up and say they have had enough and take your city back

Fred Rodriguez Oct 2, 2019 - 5:17 pm

Those of you trying to defend the city are a joke! Do you get out and drive around town much? Empty store fronts everywhere, overgrown and dead looking medians, filthy parks, trash everywhere. Don’t get me wrong, I love Mac’s Old House but when that’s the cities premiere dining spot……! There’s blight everywhere, the mall with half it’s vacancies is pathetic. I’ve pointed out some reasons why it’s considered miserable, here’s your opportunity to dispute my perspective. And I was born here and pretty much lived here my whole life, I’ve seen it slowly die here and why!!

Mark Morris Oct 6, 2019 - 1:18 am

Yes Fred! But the city manager is earning a ridiculously high salary for just paper-shuffling and the idiotic city council members, who do nothing, just voted themselves a 70% monetary increase. I would have no problems with that if they actually did something.

Loretta Sweatt Oct 14, 2019 - 9:10 am

$250K and asked for a raise City Manager??? Ridiculous. If it were up to me, I would take the entire city budget and spend it on reducing crime and blight, and increasing beauty.

Anna Camaraota Oct 2, 2019 - 8:02 pm

And Business Insider would have to be the world’s most miserable publication to create such a list. Why don’t they spend their time writing articles that would be helpful, as opposed to insulting residents are exacerbating difficulties faced by these cities.

Concerned Ex-Resident Oct 2, 2019 - 9:44 pm

If you don’t like the message– shoot the messenger.

Does it matter Oct 3, 2019 - 1:46 am

The state of misery in Antioch is illustrative of a broken society founded on exploitation, classism and a deep legacy of racism.

Until we can confront the foundational flaws with humility and conceive of more humanist ideologies and systems, things will only get progressively worse as they already have (“we miss the good old days of Antioch” but don’t want to acknowledge the white flight or conditions of oppression at play against the poor and racially marginalized). Look beyond Antioch. Look at the criminalization of drug addiction instead of dealing with it as a public health issue for example. Look at our exploitative ideologies of individuality and “pulling yourself up by your own bootstraps.”

Rose Del Vecchio Oct 6, 2019 - 12:34 pm

Does it matter! Just whom are we oppressing? People have choices! They can choose to become drug addicts and they can choose to behave inappropriately and make a nuisance out of themselves and be shunned. What “foundational” flaws? Which individuals are we exploiting?

Maybe, just maybe, the way this country was set up is not working. It’s just a little over 200 years old. the story about the Tower of Babel comes to mind. The Founding Fathers were quite clear how the country should be run, but this has fallen by the wayside. Maybe this is not working because of diversity which was never the intention of the Founding Fathers! Rome came down because of diversity! We have become a dumping ground for the world’s losers and they are trying to bring down those of us whose ancestors arrived here before this country extricated itself from the Brits. These new arrivals come here and try to make this country into the crappy country they were escaping. Bring their loser attitudes with them. If we fight them, then we are labeled as “racists!” Well, so be it.

Victor Oct 3, 2019 - 3:17 am

A ranking based on a metric from 10 years ago which weighted commute time heavily into their score before the 4 freeway was upgraded is simply illigitimate.

Also those of you spewing your hate at poor and minorities on this thread disgust me and just proves that racists will use any bogus data to justify their hatred of those who don’t fit the image. Gross.

Phil Burton Oct 3, 2019 - 5:37 pm

Hey Victor! Is that a problem?

Enough is Enough Oct 3, 2019 - 6:33 am

I have several family members and friends who have moved away from the area, wisely, and when they come to visit they invariably comment that Antioch looks worse every time they return. The amount of trash everywhere is admittedly out of control and sometimes I can barely believe my eyes, as I remember when this city was full of hope and potential. Unbelievable.

PPM Oct 3, 2019 - 2:54 pm

I know it might be easier said than done, but LEAVE. Do not hesitate. If you own your home, start working with a good Realtor NOW to do some simple fixes/sprucing up and get it listed. My mother, after 40+ years of raising a family and living in Antioch, finally had enough a few years ago. Initially, she took a financial hit, but within a matter of months she recouped her financial losses. But that PALED to the increase in her quality of life and happiness upon getting H out of Antioch…her only regret is that she didn’t do it 20 years sooner!

Elizabeth E. Parker Oct 4, 2019 - 4:13 pm

Hey PPM — why should those people have established roots in this community leave? Why not those who came here and brought this city down and are still doing that?

If someone indeed wants to move elsewhere, why do they have to engage a realtor? An attorney specializing in real estate law can do the job much better.

I have never engaged a realtor in the purchase or sales of any of my properties .. and I don’t dispose of them with such a high price that working people cannot afford it. I call the shots and pick the buyer, not some greedy realtor who is trying to price the properties out of reach for those who really need them.

Lori Oct 4, 2019 - 9:56 pm

YES! YES! It’s these greedy realtors who encourage the seller to increase the price of a house higher and higher and when an investor buys it, he wants the highest rent he can bet. This is one of the reasons we have so many homeless people here and I mean those who are indeed residents of the area and not those who were shipped here from other states which didn’t want to spend money on helping them become solvent.

Greed knows no bounds! Friends have told me that the realtors told them unless they increased the price of the house way beyond what the asking price was, they would not list it! I don’t mean just in Antioch, in other cities.

PPM Oct 4, 2019 - 10:04 pm

Um, the reason they should leave is rather self-evident: Antioch is a ghetto s-hole. And that is coming from someone with “roots” in Antioch, with being the town in which I grew up, and have friends/family still there which means that I unfortunately on occasion must go there and get an upside-the-head reminder of the nasty joke my hometown has become.

And why a Realtor or experienced licensed RE agent? Um, because it’s the, like, totally customary method with which people sell homes in CA. And BS an that an attorney is going to do the job “much better” than any reputable agent, particularly those who are area specialists…as for the rest of your tripe, don’t pull anything patting yourself on the back.

Diana Sands Oct 5, 2019 - 2:07 pm

PPM — I too do not engage a real estate agent in the sale or purchase of properties. Exactly, what do these “specialists” who know the area do for you? Care to elaborate? I price the sale of my properties as I see fit and whatever the guy next door prices his house for is of no interest for me. I could care less what is the “totally customary method with which people sell homes in CA” — and one sells a HOUSE! One cannot sell a HOME no matter how much one tried. You sell a structure, a tangible one.

Natalie Oct 5, 2019 - 9:19 pm

PPM, an attorney specializing in real estate law reviews the paperwork .. . the contract between the seller and the buyer or vice-versa. He makes sure that the conditions are in order.

C Mee Oct 3, 2019 - 9:31 am

Antioch is far from clean. Anyone who thinks it’s clean doesn’t know what clean looks like. It’s filthy, litter everywhere and sad, dead, unkempt, nonexistent landscaping. If this is what Antioch looked like when I moved here decades ago, I would have chosen NOT to settle here.

PPM Oct 3, 2019 - 2:45 pm

There are times I literally tear up with what happened to the a-little-rough-but-still-wonderful little town I grew up in (70’s/80’s)…I was so happy when my mother FINALLY moved aka ESCAPED a few years ago, so now there weren’t so many occasions when I had to see the absolute degradation of my old neighborhood and town in general. There was a point in my life where I couldn’t fathom EVER living anywhere else, now I cringe at having to go there for any reason.

PPM Oct 3, 2019 - 1:41 pm

Hilarious everyone dances around the OBVIOUS and primary driver as to what transformed Antioch from a little rough-around-the-edges but wonderful middle-class town into a crime-ridden s-hole.

Put it this way: growing up there in 70s-80s, me and friends used to ride our bikes over to Sycamore to visit a couple other buddies who lived there, we’d hang out and swim in the neighborhood pool…sure that neighborhood was developed for low-income retirees/seniors and young families, but those “poor” residents kept their yards and houses clean, they made it a nice, SAFE neighborhood.

Then forward to mid-80s with the first huge influx of Section 8…graffiti, crime, bars on windows, and by early-90s it was already so bad that residents of Sycamore east of L St. couldn’t cash checks or get a pizza delivered due to the stigma of an address bearing “Sycamore Dr”, so that’s why, boys & girls, that part of Sycamore is now known as William Reed Way. Someone help me out here, I just can’t quite put my finger on it, what on earth was the big change in that neighborhood? Why on earth didn’t the original “poor” residents of that neighborhood resort to crime, gangs, and violence? I’ll go out on a limb and take a wild guess it just MIGHT have something to do cultural norms and values, you might even call it their sense of morality kept them from preying on their neighbors and turning their very own neighborhood into a crime-infested eysore. And very similar “phenomena” occurred in other neighborhoods, even out in “New Antioch” with all the big, nice new homes built SE of Hwy 4…even those neighborhoods and beautiful new Deer Valley HS were not immune to the crime and MISERY which befell Sycamore and other parts of “Old Antioch”.

PPM Oct 3, 2019 - 2:46 pm

Everyone just remember the story of how the street William Reed Way got its name, because that is basically the microcosm and unfortunate story Antioch’s sad, sharp decline.

Ephraim Cascante Oct 3, 2019 - 3:13 pm

My children moved out of Antioch and call it “the gettho” City.
To many homeles, drug addicts, trash, etc.
It’s very sad

martin Oct 4, 2019 - 4:18 pm

the word is “ghetto” …

Gjoe Oct 5, 2019 - 2:36 pm

The basic change comes from the govern no death penalty drugs are legal abortion is number one. Change needs to start from the top. With legal drugs brings crime from cities where it’s not legal. Our main laws come from Mr. Newsom that’s where change should start. Think how stupid it is to make and grow pot is.

Lisa Oct 3, 2019 - 3:42 pm

I live in Antioch & don’t consider myself “miserable” or think Antioch is miserable. Yes there are issues I would love to see resolved but there are so many incredible people here, doing great things. We rarely hear about them though, people love to focus on the negative. We are so lucky to have beautiful Contra Loma & Black Diamond Mines right in our backyard! While there is plenty of room to improve, this article is pointless & only encourages negativity & racism.

MARTIN Oct 5, 2019 - 5:46 pm

Well, Lisa! If all these great people are working so hard and for so long to improve things, we sure don’t see any positive results. Every time we attend City Council meetings and propose ideas, those are ignored. On top of that, there are Board of Supervisor members who actually encourage people from high crime cities to relocate here as their cities are being “gentrified.” Maybe Antioch needs to be “gentrified” and this might get rid of the traditional troublemakers . . . and we know who they are!

Beto,a Latino Oct 3, 2019 - 4:46 pm

Antioch sucks. Point blank. It ain’t racism. It’s the truth. That town is full of low life dealers, homeless, crackheads. There are some good people that live there but their few and far in between.

Antioch-Pittsburg Highway Oct 3, 2019 - 5:37 pm

There are two Brentwood cities in California. Which one are they ranking here? Seems high given it is located next to Antioch. Did the author assume it is the one in the Bay Area?

Tiblet Oct 3, 2019 - 6:34 pm

Homeless and Section 8 biggest issues. Period. We are the dumping ground of the bay area atm.

Sky Oct 5, 2019 - 7:37 am

Yes you are right . Thanks to section 8 and they wonder why no one wants to live by them ???

MEV Oct 3, 2019 - 8:07 pm

Well San Francisco was voted the best City; unbelieveable. Talk about filfthy.

Terry Oct 4, 2019 - 7:34 pm

When you’re going to San Francisco,
Be sure to take another pair of shoes there

So if you step in shit in San Francisco,
You’ll be glad you brought a pair to spare

PS: Try not to do much walking in San Francisco and toss your shoes after you’re through walking.

don't ruin our cities Oct 5, 2019 - 2:26 pm

San Francisco used to be a great city — charming — accessible — then some idiots decided to build high rises there and that just totally ruined it. It lost that charm completely. Kind of like what the haoles did to Honolulu and most of Oahu! A beautiful island ruined … with high rises more adapted to places like New York City. Depresses me greatly to return to my home island.

Ron Oct 4, 2019 - 8:36 pm

Antioch continues to improve and get better. Not blind, more work ahead, but there is a core to this city that is made up of strong, passionate and committed citizens, business leaders, city employees, educators, coaches, athletic organizations, church and political leaders to name a few. They are getting things done and making things better! If you don’t know them or any of this, then you are not involved and doing your part….quit complaining and be part of the solution! The educators alone have turned the high school graduation rates and test scores around in the last decade; It is amazing what they have done; they have gone from the low 70% range 10 years ago to over 90% graduation rate. There are so many amazing kids alone in this community it is something to be proud of. Get out there and get to know them. The political leaders have vision, commitment, and determination. Want to make change? Start by thanking those that are in the game and then figure out where you can get involved and do it! But don’t just sit and complain. You are either making a difference or you aren’t.

Maureen Oct 5, 2019 - 2:15 pm

More students graduating? Let’s take a look here. With more out-of-district students with fraudulent “caretaker” documents, they are “graduated” out just to get rid of them and most quickly return to the high-crime cities they came from. I’ve spoken with teachers working in those high schools.

Vito Oct 5, 2019 - 5:39 pm

Actually, Ron, the opposite is true. Antioch is deteriorating now faster than it ever did before. Very poor city management (and you should know about that first hand), lack of enforcement of codes spelled out in the city’s bylaws, no control about how many people can inhabit a single family house, Section 8 not stopped or reversed, increase in violent crimes, increase in property crimes. A good portion of the city is a SLUM! Something as simple as having people place their trash containers BEHIND their fences or out-of-view from the street is not enforced. Oh yes! Those trash containers are so beautiful! They really add to the aesthetics of the neighborhood. Broken down dusty cars sitting in driveways for years with weeds growing under them…. and the City Council award themselves in a $700/month increase. I think I’ll go back to work and tell my boss that I just increased by monthly salary by $700 and let’s see how long i last there.

Sterling Oct 6, 2019 - 2:12 am

Hey there, Ron! Why doesn’t Antioch get rid of that meth clinic over on Sunset Drive? It’s a few yards from a residential area. There have been attacks on people inside the 7-11 store as well as their parking lot. Come to think of it, why doesn’t the city condemn the 7-11 as well and have them love their operation elsewhere. That would be a good start. Oh! I forgot! Romi’s liquor store on E. 18th — an area attracting druggies and other lowlives! Out with them, too!

Barbara Oct 6, 2019 - 9:11 pm

People have been attending Antioch City Council meetings for years and years and been offering serious solutions to help turn Antioch around, but those have fallen on deaf ears. The Council members have also been emailed with concrete suggestions, which have also fallen on deaf ears. Most of the members haven’t even returned the emails.

A lot of the suggestions centered on the City simply ENFORCING laws and codes already on-the-books! No wonder so many residents are frustrated.

C Mee Oct 7, 2019 - 10:42 pm

Antioch getting better? Not from my point of view. In fact it’s gotten so rotten, I can’t wait to move. There’s a large collection of people who have turned really nice neighborhoods into unsightly brown fields that look like crap. Don’t know how they can drive up to these ratty looking houses and are okay with it. Pride of ownership used to be reflected throughout Antioch. Now there are far too many people who don’t have a clue about the importance of maintaining where they live and how not doing so affects an entire neighborhood, dragging down property values. #clueless

Loretta Sweatt Oct 12, 2019 - 9:58 am

The only thing that I feel makes anyone miserable, probably sad or angry would be a better word, is the crime that is always in the news about Antioch. If Antioch can get crime significantly under control, everyone would be blissfully happy! We need 200 Police Officers, Cameras throughout the streets, Special Neighborhood Task Forces, Abundantly More Lighting! That sounds joyful to me!

Shawn W Oct 15, 2019 - 6:33 pm

How is Pittsburg around 400? Antioch is on a steep downward slide, absolutely. I say Pittsburg started sliding a little before Antioch did, and if I could pretend i didnt know the geographical landmarks making me able to l differentiate the two cities, then I think they could pass as the same degrading municipality. They are one in the same. They even have pittsburg-antioch highway. So how the hell is Antioch #100 something and Pittsburg #400 something? Hold up, Pittsburg residents didn’t vote on how crappy it is living there. Gotta be it

Canh H Oct 20, 2019 - 4:32 am

Our city might not be the best looking city in The bay area . . For damn sure the people around here will are .. This is our home …

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