Antioch: Probation Search Leads to Teen in Possession of Loaded AR-15 Rifle

Photo by Antioch Police

On Sunday, the Antioch Police announced the arrest of a juvenile after attempting to make contact with him in the area of Buchanan Road and Gentrytown Dr in the City of Antioch.

After a short foot pursuit, officer caught the male subject where they found 60+ prescription pills. The subject was also on juvenile probation.

Since the juvenile was on probation, police opted to conduct a probation search at his home where they found metal knuckles in his bedroom along with a loaded AR-15 rifle.

The juvenile was transported to juvenile hall on weapon charges and probation violations.


  1. Wait a minute now. The second amendment states ‘the right to bear arms’. Com’on pro-gunners speak up! First it was the Democrats. Now it looks like the the “pro-second amendment” cops want to take guns away……What?

    • Hahahaha are you serious, did you not read the story at all or know what being on probation is??? It’s has nothing to do with taking our rights but when you say ignorant things like your statement it leads me to believe you don’t know what your talking about which in turn make you a target … it’s people like you that need to stop being on the internet completely

    • This juvenile is a criminal if he’s on probation. Pro 2A people are not in favor of criminals having guns. And (one of) the problems with Democrat politicians is that they constantly make new laws to criminalize legal gun ownership, while simultaneously decriminalizing actual criminal behavior, commuting sentences and releasing violent criminals back on the street early…but the NRA and 2nd Amendment are the real problem, right?

    • Are you that fucking stupid a 15 year old selling pills and has an ar-15 you have to be the dumbest piece of shit i have ever seen comment

    • Hey idiot, this was a 16yr old not an adult. He isn’t even old enough to have a weapon especially an AR rifle. Get back to reality.

    • Thats a very good point. So smart of you. Let him and other teens who does not have the mental capabilities of responsibly using weapons have that assault rifle and wait for another school massacre. Let innocent kids die while us sitting in our drawing rooms enjoying beer and fancily flaunting our manly love for guns.

  2. As a parent, I might not find 60+ pills or metal knuckles in my kid’s room, but I would think I would darn sure notice that there was a AR-15 rifle in the house. Where are the kid’s parents??

  3. That white boi was just waiting for school to open back up…see,this fake “pandemic” is actually saving lives.
    Good job APD…even a blind mouse finds cheese once in awhile.

  4. We need to protest for this outrageous violation of his civil rights. WLM!!! Let’s loot and pillage

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