Antioch: Popular Thoroughfare Road to Youth Sports Complex Closing


The Antioch Police Department announced this week that effective Sept. 19, both Wilbur Lane and Wymore Lane will be closed to through traffic.

The move comes as Wilbur Lane will only have gated access to the warehouse complex and businesses from the Wilbur Lane side. Wymore Lane is going to be closed permanently.

This gate will now impact traffic for folks headed towards the Youth Sports Complex and will now have to use only E 18th Road or Apollo Ct as access points.

According to Police Chief Tammany Brooks, with the owner of the property installing a gate, it will not have any impact on access to the youth sports fields, simply vehicles will no longer to be able to enter from the industrial complex.

Alternate routes include A Street, Cavallo Road, Hillcrest Avenue, and Viera Avenue.


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