Update: Antioch Police Locate Wandering Child’s Parents

The Antioch Police Department is asking the community if they recognize this child after he was found wandering on W.11th Street near Klengel Street. He appears to be 2-3 years old. He is currently at Antioch Police Department with our officer. 

If you know him or his parents, please call Dispatch at 925-778-2441.

Antioch Police report the child has been located after being taken into protective custody and will be been reunited with his family.

Editors Note: since the child was located, his photograph has been removed.


    • The update says the child will be returned to the parents! What’s up with that? Where were the parents or a guardian when the child left the house? He was in extreme danger as people drive like maniacs on West 11th Street! A kid that short can run into the street and not even been seen by the driver.

      In such situations, where the child might be able to reach a doorknob, you secure the dwelling with other locking mechanisms they cannot reach nor operate. Doesn’t take a genius to figure that out.

  1. Something’s screwy here! Kid located wandering the streets this morning. Taken to the APD facilities. Who reported the kid loose on the street? Did the parents frantically call the PD reporting him missing? As of 11:30 am, no update? Update says the CHILD has been located. We know that from the first report here.

    So now, just like that, the kid will be returned to the parents? Where are the CPS people in all this?

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