Antioch Police Send Pair of Drug Dealers to Martinez Detention Facility

Photo provided by Antioch Police

The Antioch Police Department announced a pair of arrests that occurred Tuesday where suspected drug dealers were taken off the street.

Photo by Antioch Police

According to police, a K9 unit was on patrol when they assisted on a traffic stop and was able to help pinpoint and locate approximately 2-lbs of suspected methamphetamine hidden in the vehicle.  Police credited k9 Kona and her partner officer Smith with the assist.

During a graveyard shift, officers responded to Rockwall Way where a narcotics transaction went bad. Officers located a male subject involved in the transaction and was found to be in possession of cocaine, an ounce of suspected methamphetamine, over 1/2-lb of marijuana as well as a loaded firearm.

Both suspects, who who were not identified,  were sent to the Martinez Detention Facility facing several felony charges.


  1. In the 1970’s and 1980’s, Bayer had large quantities of drugs contaminated with HIV and Hep C that they couldn’t sell in the USA. What’d they do? Sold it in Latin America and Asia for a profit. Did anyone serve jail time like these dealers? Nope.

  2. But the crack heads still need their fix so I guess someone has to step up to the plate

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