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Antioch Police Raise Funds to Send Family to Disneyland After Burglary

by ECT

On Saturday December 19, the Antioch Police Department presented funds for more than $2,000 to a family who was burglarized on Wednesday night after a male stole their Disneyland trip money.

Antioch Police Officers Bledsoe and Ailleo presented the family a surprise special Christmas gift after inviting them to the police station believing they were going to a police lineup of a suspect in their home burglary–instead of presenting criminal photos, they provided Disney characters.

According to Antioch Police, the family was victims of a burglary after taking a man into their home during a rain storm. In the morning, they found out they were burglarized of their funds in a tip jar from her waitress job where she had been saving her tips for a family trip to Disneyland. Her tips came as a waitress at the Red Caboose. The kids were crying an unhappy.

An ex-boyfriend apparently stole the money.

Feeling bad for what had transpired on the call, Officers Bledsoe and Ailleo took it upon themselves to raise funds throwing in $200 to a fund. In the end, the Antioch Police Department raised more than $2,000 for the family for their trip to Disneyland. This included command staff and dispatchers as well as officer on the street.

Antioch Police Disneyland GiveawayOfficer Ailleo stated he had felt so bad for the family that they needed to do something to help the kids who were crying after they realized their trip to Disneyland was not going to become a reality.  The two officers left the call realizing they needed to help and began raising funds.

Antioch Police Chief Allan Cantando gave his officers kudos for being proactive in helping this family.

“Their efforts clearly demonstrate that they understand community policing and we are hear to make a positive difference in our community,” said Chief Cantando. “it was an extremely emotional event not only for the family, but for everyone witnessing the human element of giving . There was not a dry eye left in the room after the ticket presentation and hearing Amanda say thank you over and over again.”

Here are two videos from the presentation today:

Video by Chris Kidd.


video provided by Beverly Knight

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Curtis Dec 19, 2015 - 6:53 pm

Like them or not, that was pretty cool of the Antioch Police Department to do that for her and her family! Good job, guys!

Donna Pack'Jordan Dec 20, 2015 - 3:10 am

What a wonderful thing to do, I’m sure those kids are going to have a blast at Disneyland it will be a memory they never forget. Thank you Antioch Police Department for participating in the true spirit of Christmas. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

THE TRUTH Dec 20, 2015 - 7:53 pm

Antioch PD rocks!!!!! I come from a family of public servants. This kind of stuff is top shelf!!!!! We need to keep this department safe!!!! Let them do there job!!!! And support them. It’s a brutal job!!!! Just grateful for there service!!!! May God protect you all!!!!

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