Antioch Police Hold Traffic Enforcement Detail Monday Morning


On Monday May 13, Antioch Police officers held a special traffic enforcement as other officers outside the traffic unit wanted to participate in a traffic enforcement detail.

They worked Wilbur Ave in the morning nabbing speeders, moved onto the Highway 4 & Hillcrest onramp for folks making illegal right hand turns, then moved over to James Donlon for speeders.

Even with all the tickets between Antioch, Brentwood, Oakley, Pittsburg and CHP, people in East Contra Costa County continue to drive like maniacs and ignore traffic laws.


  1. Do it on Loveridge on seven eleven where people speed through that red light all the time. Make Pittsburg PD do it too!

  2. Fuck all of you previous posters. While I like the police in general, I hate the fines. Why don’t you go harrass see meth heads or black people.

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