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Antioch Police Arrest Three After Retail Theft from Walgreens

Photo by Antioch Police

On Sunday, Antioch Police responded to a report of a retail theft in progress at Walgreens after suspects were observed inside a store loading garbage bags full of merchandise.

The incident occurred at 4:42 pm at Walgreens on Deer Valley Road where 3 female larcenist were filling bags with items from the shelf.

Upon arrival, police officers located the suspects in the parking lot as they were inspecting the items inside the bag. Two ran from the car (leaving behind the third accomplice) and officers gave chase. Both were detained without incident and brought back to the scene.

At least one suspect had several outstanding warrants out of San Francisco County for burglary, theft, and child endangerment.

All three suspects were from San Francisco and were arrested on new charges of burglary, grand theft, and criminal conspiracy. Two suspects were adults and a third was a 17-year-old.


  1. How brazen can you be to fill garbage bags of merchandise and walk out of a store?
    How stupid can you be to be admiring your haul of merchandise outside of the store near your car?

  2. Well Keep voting San Francisco Politicians to run this state and run the country; and this what you get. The spread of San Francisco politics directly effects crime. So be wise who you vote for. The criminal in this case regardless of color are from San Francisco and San Francisco values need to stay in San Francisco. Crime, Drug abuse, cross all colors. You all just keep voting these San Francisco politicians and values in to office; as your communities slowly slip into Homeless Camps fulled by drug abuse and thievery.


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