Antioch Police Announce Charges Against David Douglas in Kidnapping Case



The Antioch Police Department have announced charges they have filed against 42-year-old David Douglas of Antioch for the kidnapping of a 7-year-old Antioch resident. Douglas’ bail has been set at $7,150,000.

Press Release

On 01/08/14, Antioch Police Detectives presented this case to the Contra Costa District Attorney’s Office and formal charges were filed on 42-Year-Old David Douglas of Antioch for the Kidnapping of a 7 year old Antioch resident.

Douglas was charged with the following:

  • PC 209 (b) (1) Kidnapping For Sexual Purposes with the Use of a Deadly or Dangerous Weapon
  • PC 288 (b) (1) Forcible Lewd Act Upon a Child with Enhancements
  • PC 209 (b) (1) / 664 Attempted Kidnapping For Sexual Purposes–Three (3) Counts
  • PC 311.11 (a) Possession or Control of Matter Depicting Person Under 18 Years in Sexual Conduct (with Enhancements)

Douglas’ bail has been set at $7,150,000

The Antioch Police Department is continuing to investigate this incident and will not be answering any further questions regarding this case at this time.

Original Press Release

On 1/3/14 at approximately 6:45 PM, a 7-year-old girl was abducted from in front of her home in the 3800 block of Hummingbird Dr. The preliminary investigation revealed that the suspect had followed the victim and her mother to their residence from a nearby Walmart, kidnapping the young girl just after she arrived home. A description of the suspect and his vehicle was obtained and an Amber Alert was initiated.

Following up on leads, Investigators identified David Douglas as the suspect in this incident. Douglas’ vehicle was later located in the parking lot of the Antioch Marina by officers. Douglas was in the car with the victim at that time. Douglas was taken into custody and the victim was rescued without incident. The victim had no apparent injuries and was reunited with her family. This is an ongoing investigation, and no further information will be released at this time.

Anyone with information regarding this case is encouraged to call Detective


  1. What’s next for this jerk … The Today Show ?? He needs to stay locked up AND the news media needs to stop portraying the ass hole as some kind of poor soul who needs help … I am sorry if his mommy didn’t breast feed him, and his parents hate him, and his life is in shambles, but to kidnap a child to get attention ??

    All the news media does when they have “exclusive” jailhouse interviews (the Contra Costa Times did it recently) with this jerk is taint a potential jury pool, and his attorneys will put on some stupid charade that he possibly cannot get a “fair trial” in Contra Costa County, thereby dragging this matter on for years, and putting the child victim along with her family through nothing but grief ……..

    There should be only one or two sentences in the news about this moron …. “David Douglas had criminal charges filed against him today, and his bail is set at $7,150,000” — Nothing more than that …. NOT his picture looking all sad and concerned consulting with his attorney as appears in the Contra Costa Times.

  2. He should held with NO bail. I hope he rots in hell where he belongs. God bless that little girl and I pray for her recovery from such an atrocious act.

  3. I dont care how high his bail is…why the F does he even have one…I hope they get a hold of him in there!

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