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Antioch Names Former San Francisco Cop Interim Chief of Police

by ECT

On Wednesday, Antioch Mayor Lamar Thorpe held a surprise new conference announcing the appointment of Dr. Steve Ford s new interim chief of police.

“Besides being an academic that teaches at universities throughout the Bay Area, Dr. Ford brings more than 31-years of experience serving the San Francisco Police Department,” stated Thorpe. “For far too long the Antioch Police Department pathway to the chief’s position was one that only looked inward within the current ranks which does not work with the Antioch of today.”

Thorpe continued by stating that under the previous approach, the city had not been exposed to “best practices” and the “new ways of thinking” to an evolving police department trying to evolve culture.

He accused the police department of not having a “clear chain of command” and would be bringing forward a measure to create a deputy chief of police position within the Antioch Police Department that focuses on long term planning—in addressing attrition and operational effectiveness.

“We are no longer a small town on the delta, we are one of the fastest growing cities in the bay area as well as one of the most racially diverse cities in the Bay Area,” said Thorpe who thanked interim chief Anthony Morefield for his service and the Antioch Police Department for keeping the community safe.

Morefield took the position as interim police chief after Tammany Brooks retired in September of 2021. Chief Brooks had accepted the position of Deputy Chief in Boise, Idaho, a city of approximately 230,000 residents. Brooks serves as police chief for 4.5 years.

Interim Chief of Police Steve Ford thanked the mayor for believing in him to lead the organization and called it an “incredible opportunity” and called restoring community trust as critical and looked forward to establishing relationships with schools, businesses, neighborhoods and faith based groups and the youth.

“I look forward to bringing my extensive experience as a practitioner, academic and a researcher to make these goals a reality for this organization and our community as a whole,” stated Ford.

During the press conference, media asked Ford what his top priorities would be.

The mayor, said he would take the question because the chief of police would take direction from the council through the city manager and would be setting the goals for the police chief.

“Police reform has always been a top priority for this city, public safety continues to be one of our top priorities including gun violence,” stated Thorpe.

When asked about attrition, the mayor also took that question from Ford and said he didn’t have specific numbers but said it was a problem and the deputy chief would work on hiring but they first had to get leadership structure in place.

In a Dec. 29, 2021 email, then interim Police Chief Morefield said they currently staffed at 109 sworn-police officers (authorized to 115).   Since then, there have been several retirements and separations including injuries. Its been said the active officers is close to 95 officers available to work the streets.

According to sources, in recent weeks, all lateral officers in the process have pulled their applications from the police department.

It is unclear if the city of Antioch has done a background check, they have not provided his resume/bio, or what the timeline will be on hiring a permanent police chief.


Councilwoman Lori Ogorchock said she was unaware that Dr. Ford would be appointed and found out just like the rest of the public through the Mayors press conference.

2:20 pm Update

Mayor Pro Tem Mike Barbanica was unaware of the announcement of the hiring of interim police chief Dr. Ford until another media publication (Antioch Herald) reached out to him regarding the announcement. He was then sent a screen shot of the press conference. He has reached out to the City managers office and as of 2:15 pm had not heard back regarding the hiring.


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ME Feb 23, 2022 - 2:59 pm

Really, at a press conference. This guy really thinks he’s the Alpha and Omega. Shady. Can’t wait to see him go. And I voted for him. What a little power does to some people is a bizarre thing to watch.

Robert C. Feb 23, 2022 - 3:55 pm

Perhaps Mr. Thorpe would like to publicly describe IN DETAIL the hiring process that led to this appointment. When members of the city council are not even aware of the selection, that stinks like a three day old filet of fish.

Remember all this stuff, Antioch voters, come next election.

The worst thing they could do was put someone from sfpd into a interim or permanent chiefs spot. Feb 23, 2022 - 5:08 pm

He worked for sfpd… He knows how to …
1. Kiss reports off
2. Not arrest criminals even though it’s clear they have Committed a crime. Word through the grapevine is that a mass exodus of Antioch officers will start within the next month due to the appointing of this horrible person.. He is the new chief because he was named interim chief… and 99 percent of the time an interim chief becomes the new chief… The mayor wanted him because he’s liberal. YOU NEED TO APPOINT PEOPLE FROM WITHIN THE RANKS OF APD!! That’s the entire point of ranking up within your department and how you get well respected individuals as a chief of police… case and point chief brooks. Antioch is doomed now!!!!

Stephen Feb 23, 2022 - 8:14 pm

Trust me, the exodus started months ago.

Frank Feb 23, 2022 - 5:39 pm

Would like to know the connection between Thorpe, Con and Ford. I believe you’ll find that is has been in the works for awhile.

The Truth Feb 23, 2022 - 6:53 pm

How shady could he mayor get. You Antioch voters need to get your stuff together and get the terrible three out

Robert C. Feb 24, 2022 - 6:25 am

How ironic. Mr. Thorpe’s predelection for hiring “interim” staff (“interim” city manager, “interim” police chief) in lieu of using the proper permanent position hiring process is essentially identical to so many of Donald Trump’s cabinet appointments. But I trust the irony will go right over his head.

Burnett Feb 28, 2022 - 6:24 pm

Antioch is in the middle of a Insurrection everytime there’s a “surprise” news conference.
He did have one thing right Antioch is no longer a nice town by the river. Thank you Mayor Thorp.

Can someone direct me to the nearest recall petition?

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